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Slide Mini Cart module VM2 - Free Download!

Started by Linelab, March 11, 2012, 22:49:55 PM

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Hi All,

Cart module display cart with product name, product image, product type and checkout link with Slideshow open effect.
Download Free Dropdown shopping cart module for VirtueMart 2:

Unzip > Install module and Plugin > Publish plugin    plg_system_vm2_cart > Go to Admin VirtueMart > Configuration > Checkout  > Show product images set to Yes. Done!

Any comments would be appreciated.


Works pretty good took some playing with to get working properly. Where is the css for the drop-down?


Hi malibu2792, modules/mod_vm2cart/tmpl/default.php. Check module parameters.
Happy tuning   ;)


Thanks a bunch I found it after inspecting with Firefox. When something is added to the cart the page scrolls down...How do you fix this?

Also, It would be nice to turn off the pop up message that is displayed from virtue mart...

I saw that your a developer any word on when the Fedex/UPS Api is coming out?



Thank you for your module, I'll test it.
But on wich licence is it based ?
Is it GNU ? or do we have to pay something after the beta test period (not nice for beta tester in that case  :-\)
You should write the licence term on the code comment. Right now we can do what we want.
It's also a way to protect your job.
Hope you'll keep it free :-)

If I'm wrong please tell me.


You may use this module for commercial or personal use, and customize it as much as you like. Licence GNU/GPL 3 for Beta and Stable version. Happy tuning.  ;)


Very useful and nice, but while testing it, I found something not working: On the demo page, if you add products to the cart and navigate to other pages that have no VM components (ie. Using Joomla) the images get broken:
<img src="">   <--- no image is passed.

Also, I added about ten products to the cart and found that when the cart container exceeds the page height, I have problems scrolling down where the "Show cart" link is displayed.

PD: Is there a way to disable the slide if cart is empty?


Hi Gerser, Thanks for bug report, very much appreciated! Bug will be fixed in new release.


Hi again, for some reason when a product is added to the cart the whole page scrolls down when the AJAX message pops up. You can take a look at it here also pictures stopped displaying. Thanks you very much for providing this for free. If I were you i would add a few more bells and whistle's to this mod and sell it. I would definitely buy! :D Let me know if you can help me with this,


Mini Cart module Updated. Tested J2.5.4 and VM2.0.4.
Happy downloading.


Ohh! didn't expect the update so soon! I'll try it :)


Bug on Frontpage, images not loading....

Its a fine idea, i hope for a fix !


Has this bug been fixed yet? I am also in a need of this. Even on the demo page here: it isn't working properly. add a product to cart and then navigate to the page mentioned above and you will see that there's no image?
How can we fix this?
but thanks for the great product...


This bug will be fixed in the next release.   ;)