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Slide Mini Cart module VM2 - Free Download!

Started by Linelab, March 11, 2012, 22:49:55 PM

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Thank you for a really slick extension. I am getting this error on any page that is not virtuemart...any ideas?

Warning: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Function spl_autoload_call() hasn't defined the class it was called for in /home/oldeclut/public_html/components/com_virtuemart/helpers/cart.php on line 93
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First, sorry may bad english :D

I try to use linelab shoplab templates with cart modul, but the cart module dosent works.
The modul dosent srcolle down, the name isnt seeing.

Must I do anyting in php files?



How can i change the display name of the module?


Hi, Open /www/language/en-GB/en-GB.mod_vm2cart.ini
Replace: MOD_VM2_CART_CART="Cart" to MOD_VM2CART_CART="Cart" bug will be fixed in the next release.


nice extension and i wanted to use it for a new store, but most of the mentioned bugs aren´t solved. is there any bug fix planed soon?
release 12/04/12 (folder date) build feb 23, 2012

or does anyone has solved these problems on his own?

+ navigation outside store, product images aren´t displayed
+ if cart is empty, empty display
+ after deleting all products using the button in mini cart, double text "empty cart" - if deleted on virtuemart checkout side, it is working correct

thanks in advance


solution for navigation outside store, product images aren´t displayed

as the links of the images aren´t stored in the vm database but dynamic generated you have to add config and vmimage class to the vm2 plug in:


line 11

// Loads VMConfig
if (!class_exists( 'VmConfig' )) require(JPATH_ADMINISTRATOR . DS . 'components' . DS . 'com_virtuemart'.DS.'helpers'.DS.'config.php');
// Loads VMimage class.
if (!class_exists( 'VmImage' )) require(JPATH_ADMINISTRATOR . DS . 'components' . DS . 'com_virtuemart'.DS.'helpers'.DS.'image.php');

and replace (not necessary)
            Line for adding images to minicart
$data->products[$i]['image'] = JHTML::link($url, $product->image->displayMediaThumb('',false), 'title="'.$product->product_name.'"');

and it works fine outside virtuemart.


Seems to be this thread is dead. But nevertheless a quick and dirty solution for the problem, if the cart is empty, empty display
default.php changes, add replace from line 13 to 25 with the following code

window.addEvent('domready',function() {
    var texter = $('total').innerHTML;
    texter = texter.replace(/\s/g, "");
    if (texter != "istnochleer.") {'vmCartModule').addEvent('mouseover',function() {'product_list').addClass('show_products');
});'vmCartModule').addEvent('mouseout',function() {'product_list').removeClass('show_products');
});'product_list').addEvent('mouseover',function() {'product_list').addClass('show_products');
});'product_list').addEvent('mouseout',function() {'product_list').removeClass('show_products');

This works for the German text at MOD_VM2_CART_CART_EMPTY="ist noch leer." For english text at MOD_VM2_CART_CART_EMPTY="Cart is empty." adjust the code in line 4 if (texter != "istnochleer.") to if (texter != "Cartisempty."). Spaces have to be removed! Like I said quick and dirty but works fine ;-)


Works fine however I was getting two modal popups one from the main cart and one from the mini cart.  I turned off the modal popup and now I have no popups... hmmm it would be ok to have one pop and not two for me?? 


So I tried to add a little cart image just before Cart but ... I am not having success with that.  What would be the best way??


Hi maryswave,
modal popup works fine by me. No idea what your problem can be.
And what do you mean with adding a little cart image before cart? And why do you want to do this?
I really didn´t get your problem.

Do you mean that the Mini Cart opens if you add a product, too? If you want to solve this just delete

$$('.addtocart-button').addEvent('click',function() {'product_list').addClass('show_products');


The New version of Mini cart module will be available today.
All reported bugs fixed
Added new rounded layout

Check demo:


This is almost exactly what I was looking for, but to much. I just want to display the cart total in a module. I don't want to list the products. Is there a way I can do this or a way I can edit your module to just show the total?

Edit: Actually this is just fine.

I do see an issue, though where the price doesn't update unless the page is refreshed. I have "Add to cart" buttons in modules on my Joomla site, it opens a lightbox of the cart and once that's close I'm trying to get the price to update on this module.


I figured out how to do what I mentioned in the previous post. One last thing... What do I edit to show a  "View Cart" link next to either cart empty or the total?