New stable release vm 3.2.6 released, complete list of changes

Started by Milbo, November 21, 2017, 20:04:44 PM

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- added urldecode for the filter of getCurrentUrlBy and added urlencode for creating of the URL
- added a new function getShopDefaultSiteLangTagByJoomla to ensure that VM is directly installed with the correct language tables
- removed storing of the keyword in session
fixLabel for Input type
- FullInstaller uses now directly the correct language to install the language tables
- updated fullinstaller with j3.8
- vmLoaderPluginUpdate.php function afterRoute is now checking for BE (and ending directly)
- little performance enhancement for "set Country State for calculation rules in the Admin"
- More work on the search with spaces and ordering. Empty keyword is set to false now to keep backward compatibility
- added colombian destricts
set Country State for calculation rules in the Admin
- Fix Label for Radio And Checkbox
- Added country and state for calculation rules in the BO
- better filtering of keyword, allows now also empty spaces
- keyword is now set per "setUserState"
- keyword is now filtered in product model function populateState and reused in category/view.html.php
- keyword cant be false now, must be checked against empty
- added vmURI::getCurrentUrlBy('get') to the feed links
- little fix in category layout to show the search if no product was found
- enhanced function getCurrentUrlBy, added some more whitelisted keys
- enhanced array fallback for function filterUrl
- little fix in category layout to show the search if no product was found
- Router fixes: 
a) Each page the pagination is multiplied *2 
b) router bug Fallback set Object as index! 
c) removed sef for search
- Sofort Banking, removed outdated logo
- Updated link to membership article
- added JPluginHelper::importPlugin('user'); to the function store of the user model
- minors removed unecessary defined('DS')
- added parameter for user maintenace redirect to the vmLoaderPlugin
fixing select list to vm method adding transliterateSlugs in configuration
debug order emails and subject email fix
- enhanced nag function using getEncryptSafepath
- vmcrypt set function getEncryptSafepath public
- removed double // in function displayLogos in vmpsplugin.php
- report: all columns are right aligned
- updated allinone.xml file to use install the correct backend main file for j3.
- function changeShopper, address is not pre-filled with userdata of the switching user (in case the address is not provided).
- debug email, removed error message that email got not sent.
- fixed frontend manager link permission in user accountmaintenance
- paypal uses now dynamical ip white list
- shopfunctionsF, function getInvoiceName: added loading of order languages for  - fixed accidently set " in language/en-GB/en-GB.com_virtuemart_config.ini
- old file in safepath was not correctly deleted, when replacing the old file_class
- media view, put both delete commands at the end
Added deletion of media files
- small enhancement for the membership display
- synchronise media ignores the keys folder now
- added missing vmcrypt to migrator view
Updated Updated de-DE.com_virtuemart_config.ini
Updated en-GB.com_virtuemart_config.ini
- enhanced search plugin
- more security for the getMyOrderDetails function
- adjusted link in order BE for getting invoice
- router.php vendor layout was accidently unset 
- cart helper, emptyCartValues resets layout to cartlayout of the vm config
- install.sql, removed NULLs for product group booleans, like featured, discontinued,...
- added tooltip for multiply prices feature in customfield edit.
- added option product_unit to the customfield "Property"
- added the groups to the searchfilter in be product listing
- added hidden config DiscontinuedPrdsBrowseable, Keeps discontinued products browseable
- FE link for product edit was sometimes visible without having the correct rights. There was no security problem, because the product edit blocked correctly.
- Standard payment plugin respects new config setting "order tracking mode"
Added new option "order tracking"
- Added the automatic, that a child is correctly created, even when no child is checked and you are on the product child listing of a parent. The create button must not check always if an item is checked.
- router.php Some fixes for multilanguage routing. Added VmLanguage::$currLangTag to hashes of caches, to prevent getting links for the wrong language.
ed the automatic, that a child is correctly created, even when no child is checked and you are on the product child listing of a parent.
- Added one more table for optimisation task (Thx Franz)
added missing initialising var to js
- category model, added VmLanguage::$currLangTag to cache hash - product model, added VmLanguage::$currLangTag to cache hash
- very important fix for multivariants, which lost in some conditions the parent option, when changing to a child. - added hidden layout options to virtuemart_defaults.cfg-dist
- vmprices.js removed unnessary & in ajax link 
- addtocart.php uses the direct call for the sublayout of the button and not the function anylonger.
- coupon.php removed old notes
- user model, removed note
- vendor model getVendorAddressFields does not work with internal id anylonger
- BE category list keeps selected category
- calculationh.php little fix for the sql gatherin all rules, when no condition is given
- vmJsApi, fix for correct language of the datepicker
- mediahandler has now a deleteAllThumbs of a certain image function (works with regex, may delete accidently too much thumbs which is quite likely unimportant.
- important fix in vmLanguage, the statics keeping if a fallback should be used are deleted now, when the language tags change.
- fix in vmLanguage need to be reflected in vmmodel also
Changed COM_VIRTUEMART_PROVIDED_UNITS to new convention COM_VM_PROVIDED_UNITS in default_shopfront.php. Added language strings for new configuration setting COM_VM_PROVIDED_UNITS including EXPLAIN. Added language strings for units P, PIECE,...
Updated translation in de-DE.com_virtuemart_config.ini
units changed to norm_units. Fixed the problem, that the default values were shown in the config after changing and saving them.
- Meta data for manufacturers in product browse view 
- getCurrentUrlBy was missing virtuemart_vendor_id in the whitelist
- added new Vendor sample image 
- added autocomplete=off to productdetail form 
- closing div in default_reviews.php was at the wrong line
- paypalstd cleaned return url
- fixed typo in required_data
- minors, removed comments, etc
- new feature customfield of type S and M have now a new parameter, which enables the added price as percentage.
- added redirect per system plugin "vmLoaderPluginUpdate" for register and login
- shipment plugin shows now also multiple countries
renamed order_done layout to orderdone to be able to create a menu item.
- fallback for active_languages in config model function store
- usermodel, extra check if the already loaded user has the right id
- removed typo in heidelpay
- corrected reported php version. It was actually just an outdated debug, but we got used to it
- js script, added "var" to global variables, to prevent notices
removed empty value of layout dropdowns, because it must be at least "default" anyway
- datefield fix
- BE, moved productcount to view.html.php for faster rendering of the list
- small css changes, removed #cpanel
important patch to prevent memory leak when switching languages.
Fixed empty h1 tag when category view is set to top level category. Removed max-height for images and set height to auto.
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well, nothing horrible post-upgrade on my test site.
What should I test 'specifically' ? (if anything...)


Dear Milbo

Please explain:
1. Added new option "order tracking" How to use this?
2. added redirect per system plugin "vmLoaderPluginUpdate" for register and login (Does this mean plugin for redirect from joomla sign-in to VM is not required now?

Thanks & warm regards



Please explain:r9656
- more security for the getMyOrderDetails function

Is there a need to adapt third party code using this function?
If yes, in which way?

Kind regards,



Thank you for all of huge efforts and time spent to come out with the new release.

After I upgrade from VM 3.2.4 to 3.2.6  I faced a problem today

Uploading images to the product using administrator user level (With the necessary permissions)  after pressing on "clone product", then it cause the product thumb disappear on frontend  and also the resized images in product edit page.

Uploading the images from super user is working properly and everything else is working fine unless until now. and the product details page is working okay even if the thumbs not appearing.

I added some screenshots for the problem but because I can't attach files so I uploaded on my website here:

Each product has uploaded need to "replace thumb" then thumb will work normally again.



I got another error just right now,

State drop-down menu during filling billing information was not working (All states for the country was activated)

This is just after update.


Thumbnails generated OK here.  Country/State dropdowns working, too. I'm using default VM templates.
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Quote from: titolin10 on November 23, 2017, 15:25:08 PM
I got another error just right now,

State drop-down menu during filling billing information was not working (All states for the country was activated)

This is just after update.
which version of php etc?
no issues on my test site like that...


After upgrading from version 3.2.4 VM does not work correctly SEO
SEO settings

before the upgrade the link product was

after updating error 404

to work it is necessary to Use the ID to products and categories

the link looks

what settings to do to be like they used to?

Rune Rasmussen

Quote from: layman on November 27, 2017, 05:45:09 AM
After upgrading from version 3.2.4 VM does not work correctly SEO
to work it is necessary to Use the ID to products and categories

I can confirm this is a real issue, a huge on actually ... ;)
Rune Rasmussen -

Norwegian Translation Team


After upgrade from VM 3.2.4. I got an error saying "Translation missing for virtuemart_product_id" or "Translation missing for virtuemart_category_id". Actually everything that is related to Serbian Latin language disappeared .
Everything related to products/categories has gone. Also on front end, nothing is working on VM pages.

My website is using Serbian Latin on front end. In beck end in VM, my Shop langunage is set to "Use global configuration". Multilangual shop is set to Serbian Latin.
Then I'm getting above described errors.

If I change Shop Language field to Serbian Latin, then shop will go back to normal and everything will work fine.

Not sure why there is a difference between global configuration in two VM versions?


same here, after updating to 3.2.6 no category names, description are found in the back end. single language page Spanish


for language issues, make sure you set a default language.  change just that and see if it helps at all..

there was something on the language that sort of got rehauled around VM 3.2.0 from 3.0.18 causing other issues with language. Those who upgraded before already have it set so we're not affected.
Like it became a mandatory setting, basically..


Like described in my previous post. If we set shop language to the specific language everything will work, but if it set "global settings" then it will not recognize product/category details. For some reason VM doesn't include "global language settings".