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Translate VirtueMart online with Transifex

Started by horus_68, February 17, 2012, 06:45:57 AM

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We've opened a Virtuemart 2 translation project using the Transifex translation platform for those who don't want to set up a translation environment on their own computers. Transifex is easy to use. For each line of text there is an 'Autotranslate' button, but please don't take it for granted that the automatic translation is always correct. We would like to have a good translation, not a funny word by word (automatic) translation.

The master files are updated to be in sync with Virtuemart SVN
This project seeks to help virtuemart users with the translation and assist Virtuemart Team to prepare localized language packs.
The official language releases are posted at the Virtuemart Site and SVN

=> How to join translation?
1- Create an account at Transifex (free plan)
2- Please apply to your language team at Virtuemart transifex project
You will be able to translate online after approval.
3- Team leaders will be appointed by VirtueMart team

[Update Nov 2012:  Note: Please also apply to the second project for "Virtuemart Payment plugins" -
- ]
=> You started a translation for a language not listed?
Please post the link at this VirtueMart forum so it could be uploaded there and improved/finished

=> Download files under translation?
Please use the Transifex client and our pre-configured configuration file. Download via browser requires further changes on the file name.

=> Want to keep a copy of translations files in your computer?
(a visual guide will be available soon!)
1- Use the transifex client command line tool inside a folder for your language files. It is available for download here: -
An installation guide is available here: -
2- Start the client only to create the skeleton and config file, then stop, don't run the autolocal setting!
(note: the first time you run the client it requires our Transifex login account)
3- Change the config file and use this config file instead:
(included are the lang maps and file name changes).
4- Then use this command at your project directory (sub-folders for languages will be created):
tx.exe pull -l xx_XX
Note: change xx_XX by your ISO lang code (note the underscore)

=>> To download master files use the SVN files or enter this command at the client:
tx.exe pull -s

=>> You can also download all files from the transifex project using this command:
tx.exe pull -a

Important note for Linux users:
The config file posted here needs to be edited for Linux systems: in the path lines all \ has to be /
You can edit the file with a plain text editor!

=> Make it an install package?
If you download the files using the transifex client and also using the cofig file provided, the language INI files will be downloaded into 2 separeted folders (admin and site).
Then you just need to create a XML file with the proper data to be installable (as any other extension language)

So, lets translate... one line or two each day!

Some languages are already near 100%! And yours?
Apply for a team language here

This is how it looks when editing!
(auto-translation available in each filed to avoid repetitive tasks)

How to create local lang packs:


Is this possible to download the latest language version as an installable pack somewhere?

Because if no, then it's useless for the majority of the users. The files have to be no only downloades, but also renamed.

My suggestion is to write a script to automatically prepare and deploy installable language packs somewhere at the VM server. 
Your installable language for VM2:


Quote from: Gruz on February 18, 2012, 08:16:47 AM
Is this possible to download the latest language version as an installable pack somewhere?
Because if no, then it's useless for the majority of the users. The files have to be no only downloades, but also renamed.

Not at all! Please read the line above:
=> To keep a copy of translations files in your computer?

If you use the config file using the link above. Then your download will have the correct names, files will be in 2 folders (admin and site). Plain and clean... also ready to be copied into a site.
To be installed you just need to create a xml file but that is not the point here.
Transifex its for translations and they are not the official packs to common users donwload!

On the download to use:
Virtuemart will make the files available in their download / SVN areas
Also each translators team can distribute their packages if they want!

So please use the config file for transifex client that I posted above and then run again the command:

a) To Download master files (en-GB):
tx.exe pull -s

b) To Download translations for a single language
tx.exe pull -l xx_XX
(Where xx_XX its the language code)

c) or a full copy of the transifex project (all files and translations)
tx.exe pull -a

Here you will find more options:

Also: Please use the client new version (0.7)


Your installable language for VM2:


On transifex virtuemart translation project you can find, below the language list, a section for "releases" (Transifex releases, not Virtuemart releases!):
Each Transifex release gets independent progress bar and its own front page and helps maintaining the translation for each language.
See here:

    All Resources – A collection of all the resources of this project (auto-managed by Transifex)
    extras – Special addons for Virtuemart
    VirtueMart Admin – Virtuemart Admin files
    VirtueMart Site – VirtueMart site files

    Virtuemart Payment plugins – Virtuemart Payment core plugins
[Update Nov 2012: moved to a separated project - ]

From there you can have all files for your language on that "release" and see what need to be done (independent progress bar and own front page).
This way you can focus your language team to one set of language files.

Note: you need to contact your translators and plan with then, there is no way to split the language team!
The full list of files its allays available at the main entrance page or at "all releases"


Virtuemart ships some plugins that only works on specific countries (eg. payment and shipment plugins) so they do not need to be translated on all languages

You can see the list of plugins/countries at Translation of payment and shipment language files
A comment will also be included on each language file header!

For Transifex translators [Update Nov 2012]
The special plugins for virtuemart (payment and shipment) have now a separate project at Transifex
VirtueMart plugins localization -

The main project are just for the core files required to any language, its located as always at:
VirtueMart localization -


Great use of Transifex. I'll translate VM into Vietnamese. Thanks for your great VM :)
My virtuemart site - Trang sức Nữ: *


 Vitor Otero requested the creation of a Galician (Spain) language translation for the project VirtueMart.


May 18th - New version of languages files uploaded to Transifex.
Update required by Virtuemart new version (2.0.22)
There are 4 new files, 3 of them was split from 2 previous ones. Old translations from those files where reused.
Please revise your language translations! -

If you use Transifex client its required a new config file as there are new files.
Backup/rename your translations folder and download it all again!

.TX Transifex client config file: download it here -


25th June 2013
The source language files have been updated again in preparation for a new VirtueMart release.
Translators, please check if your translation is up to date at
Non-English Shops: Are your language files up to date?


I realize that updates for lang files are not created automatically, or am I wrong?


I have translated some missing terms in Finnish, but they are not showing up to the downloadable lang pack.
VM | VM 2.0.24c | VM 1.1.9


As far as I know Transifex sends updates to once per day, usually some time during the night. But I can update the language packs manually, too. Check again in an hour or so...
Non-English Shops: Are your language files up to date?


Thanks Jjk !

Good to know that there is auto-schedule for updates.
VM | VM 2.0.24c | VM 1.1.9


Polish only 14%? Come on fellas let's get together and do it!