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custom attributes problem.

Started by weddingfavours, September 14, 2011, 20:35:58 PM

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Can someone help me please!

When I set custom attributes in my product listing, the words to the left of the box are partially obscured by the input boxes.

EG:  one attribute should say "message on back" followed by a box.
but it actually says "message o" followed by the box...

how do you make all the text visable?

I have been into addtocart_custom_attribute.tpl.php but I can't see it (if indeed it's there!!)

Please help if you can - this has taken me ages to sort and i'm still no closer!!


I have tried and tried and tried!!!!!

Can someone help.

I've used the firebug thing but it doesn't specify the file... just keeps saying "titlevar"... where is titlevar!!

Please help, it's driving me mad!



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