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payment methode not selected for shopper group

Started by 2cool, April 13, 2016, 22:08:36 PM

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After last update 3.0.16 registered users (in business shopper group) can't check out anymore because payment methode is not available/error message:
"Sorry, er is geen overeenkomende betaalmethode met de kenmerken van uw bestelling. Alstublieft PLG_VPONEPAGECHECKOUT_FILLUP_ADDRESS_FIELDS"
Already discussed this with Jimbo from opc but told me was not the plugin.

Checked my payment methodes and even added a new one but still the same...

My site and admin are set to dutch language and I noticed the users counrty shows 'Netherlands' instead of 'Nederland'?

What could be done to solve this...

Thanks in advance,



As I informed you in our forum, you should disable VP One Page Checkout plugin and get your site running properly with standard VirtueMart checkout system. If you bring VP OPC into the picture it will unnecessarily confuse others.

I think it is a problem of your payment method/plugin which not following the shopper group settings correctly.

For Dutch country language you should check - administrator/components/com_virtuemart/language/nl-NL/nl-NL.com_virtuemart_countries.ini


With plugin disabled same problem indeed.
This only happens with registered users in special shopper group.

The erro message at payment is:
"Ideal betaling
Afrekenen stap 3
Selecteer alstublieft een betaalmethode
Sorry, er is geen overeenkomende betaalmethode met de kenmerken van uw bestelling. Alstublieft ."

Worked before last update so maybe someone knows what's related to this.

Thanks and regards,



Problem solved.
Min payment was set, was just a message that checkout was not available because min. order value was not reached.
Language overide with custom message fixed this.