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Warning SQL: 00000

Started by screamingfingers, March 30, 2015, 18:38:25 PM

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Hi All,

Ok I purchased a template with Joomla 3.3.1. I have updated to v. 3.4.0.

It had VM but the VM AIO link on the menu bar does not work. I tried to reinstall VM and ext AIO, but all I get is:


SQL: 00000, ,

Everytime I attempt to add something or make a change I get the same error message.

Can anybody shed some light on this issue?




1.     and others.......

2.  SQL: 00000  is usually indicating that there is no SQL error. Have you got debug turned on somewhere?
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Hi Kelvyn,

thanks for the reply. In global configuration on the system tab, Debug System set to no,  Debug Language set to no. Cache settings disabled.

In virtuemart configuration, Enable debugging messages set to no debug, PHP Developer mode set to no debug.

I only get the error when I am updating a setting in the VM configuration. Then what happens is it gives me a link to go back to the control panel and then I have to go back in to VM again every time I change a setting.




Here is the exact message.

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You'd be better off switching all available debugging on to try and find out more info.. esp Joomla debug which often catches sql syntax errors

Otherwise it is on to tracing the process thru the php files till you find it (or if a fresh install just try another)

But the moral I guess is don't use bundled quickstarts - IMHO they are just so much trouble...

BTW - how can they release an almost up to date VM3.0.6.2 (3rd march)  with an out of date J3.3.1 (circa Sept 2014) ?
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The problem here is the PDO driver, just use mysqli
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Cool! I can confirm that the issue is solved by changing the DB driver back to MySQLi (tested in J 3.8.2 and VM 3.2.8 )
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