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Why "Shopper Information" and not "Vendor Information"?

Started by geoffr, December 07, 2017, 01:17:40 AM

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Wondering why, in the 'Shop' configuration area, the page is titled "Shopper Information".  Shouldn't this be "Vendor Information"?  It doesn't make sense to me, and is very confusing.

Also, there appears no way to change this setting to another User (owner), after site development.  I tried changing via the Tools > Tools & Migration > "Write here the new store owner id" field, but does not make a difference to the 'Shop' config page.  I assume the ID is taken from the User's Joomla ID?

What is the process of changing this ID manually, via the DB?

Is anyone able to shed light on this ASAP?



When you set the a new userid for the vendor, then you should keep the information on the vendortab, but the information on the shoppertab should change to the info connected to the user of the new id.
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