Author Topic: 2.0.21 G - way cool - love the new invoices, drop and drag, edit an order  (Read 1409 times)


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Been waiting to see some great changes and delivered as usual.

I see a few posts below now looking at the layouts and functionality ( . That is great, as people on the posts are really looking at the design and functions.)

The new invoice options are excellent as I was looking for new options there.  Been away for a while but keeping an eye on the site - we have come a log way since version 2.0 -

Still the best - online shop software on the net. Well done Milbo and crew. I'll have play over the next few days to see what up.

* If I do change an invoice in the (back end)- and resend it to a customer- I'd always like the new invoice to say "updated invoice" maybe in a colour? I see the invoice numbers are the same so that is great but - just being picky.  Great work.