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[Updated] Release 2.0.18c

Started by Milbo, February 14, 2013, 23:37:54 PM

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Quote from: reinhold on March 15, 2013, 00:55:30 AM

For payment methods like Bank transfer it actually makes a lot of sense to provide the full bank account data in the description... The only drawback is that it blows up the invoice layout.

Exactly. I need this option for bank transfer. I don't want to display 6-7 rows with bank details between rows with prices. This is not user friendly. Something more I dint want to display it during checkout process. I will display it in confirmation mail and thank you message.

Quote from: lindapowers on March 15, 2013, 01:07:22 AM

BTW the payment information can't be translated and uses the same text for all languages... which makes me think if:

a: im using the payment information when i should use the description
b: payment information should be translatable to all languages?


Really? This must be translatable in all cases!!!

Thank you Milbo :)
This is a first step :) I am happy :)
Just show where is that poll :)
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I have just tested in virtuemart 2.020a and the payment information uses the same text for all languages (message when order is confirmed and inside the email)

Would be nice if you could make it translatable, really needed.

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(about payments) my opinion:
I use "bank transfer" because it's simple and easy to my fathers and to costumers. So in my own case dont need more kind of data information, because the costumer if will want to buy something will send us a bank email after buy something... and then we confirm the product stock manual + if the value it's correct.
If he/she dont send bank email we will contact costumer by email to send us a report if he/she really want to buy something (or not).

So if VM team put the needed obligation of filling the Costumers more Bank Data with tradicional Bank Transfers what client could do?
Maybe close the website and go to any other store. What i could do to stop that? change the file to put it simple again :)
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Hi Lipes

you can see a screenshot here I wrote a topic about it.

Virtuemart handles some translations in a way we can't understand. Works fine for most basic things but having to write translations of personal matters like payment details or shopper fields in language files makes no sense.

Translating order status, shopper fields and now these payment information seems a nightmare as we have to follow this tutorial

I hope they come up with a solution for it in the future, translating these basic fields shouldn't be so complicated.
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Serius BUG until 2.0.20a, or fail, or a error, or anything else that someone want to call it..
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Hello, after updating from 2.018a to 2.020b all the states are missing (they appear in backend) but not at front end, the dropdown list is empty for countries that have states like spain, germany, italy etc, they are published and were working in 2.018a.

We didnt get any errors or problems after updating, all seem to went smooth.

Any solution or idea?


EDIT: Solved, Jquery for virtuemart was disabled in configuration, now works perfectly, sorry.
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Does any one have any kind of captcha solution? Or someone in the VM Dev Team know if will be in the VM 2.1 ?

I've tryed some of them but no one it's working (or maybe need a hard hack code that it's far away from my knowledge ...)
Sorry for ask this here, because i cant find any integration that works since the VM 2.0.16 until now
(and i'am getting many spam emails like "99395 online blackjack ..." from the ask a question ...  :-\
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Hello everyone,
I wanted to undergo some changes made that I think are useful bring them in future releases of this wonderful product highly flexible and usable.

Implementation done on my website: multimanufacturers for each product (like category)
Below is the link to the post author. The modification indicated was also performed and tested. If you need you can also see the result on online site.

Implementation done on my website: change default ASC ordering with DESC (great for created date, but wrong for alphabetical ordering )
implementation that would be much appreciated.
make the setting dynamic ordering (ASC-DESC): for each enabled field to search.
possibility of giving weight to the fields on which to search, so that the result is conditional:
i) all the results found with keywords on the title
ii) all the results with keywords in the name of manufacturer
iii) all the results with keywords in product descriptions

I hope these tips will be useful for the next release

thanks for your works!!