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Complicated price structure,pls advice

Started by zebrafilm, April 13, 2012, 11:58:06 AM

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Would love to here your suggestions how to solve the following problem:

For a travel site I have three types of visitor/users lets call them A,B and C (where A is de anonymous/default)
Each group should see their own price level.

But my client also wants to give 'group prices' all different for each group.

Group A can register a (single) amount for a fixed price but B and C can register also groups.
A could order 1 or 2 trips for 1200 euro a piece
B and C group have prices like 10-20 travelers 1000 euro, 21-30 travelers 900 euro, 31-40 travelers 800 euro.
Where the prices for the group C are different from B
The groups should also not see each others prices.
Of course group B and C are logged in users groups and in Joomla ACL as seperate groups.

I have no clue how I can combine these things. :-(

Please help me.


VM2 v 2.0.4



hi the structure is very similar to selling by volume- and price

You can always make a product and clone it say 4 times - make the same product with different prices only visible to different groups and also make one product seen by all buy adding all groups to the same product.


John, glad someone replies....Much appreciated.

I am a Joomla builder for a long time but VM2 is new to me so, sorry for the dumb questions. There are not many Docs available yet....

Let me split it up in parts so I understand:

1. If I want different groups see different prices, do I setup clones of the same product or do I need to use child products. (Still have no real clue why they are there)

2. I assume I have to create a price rule for some groups but I haven't found any example how to do this with 'group amounts'.

How to translate this into proper Vm2 lines/rules?
10<Amount<20=> price= 1000*amount
21 Amount<30=>price=900*Amount


Thanks Bastiaan


Just a quick reply ,

People often make a product and find that they have products very similar - and only want to change one setting.

So they create a product and then clone it - you have two products - exactly the same  - except they have changed just one element -
* you must give the product a different name or call it ****2 , ****3 etc . the sku must be different and then save it.

now in yourcase you are going to change the price of your clones and add a group.

* the result will be that just that group will see that product - it is exactly the same s the rest but with a different price - No children etc.  You can get complicated like that but - just leave it - no child anything prodducts try one or two and then use two different users to test - make one user public like normal and the other a person who is give a gold user level as an example.

* you cannot do exactly 2. The only simply way is to purchases this ectension: