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How to use Custom Field stockable variant (Explained) (video) (photos page 4)

Started by HG, March 30, 2012, 15:43:52 PM

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it may be your host

I have had the same problem, then I loaded the site locally & everything worked (sortof- there was weird things happening with priced changing in the cart etc, but that`s another story)

I use godaddy & greengeeks - tried both & it doesn `t work on either.

my advice before you spend tooo much more time on it - load the site locally & see if it works there, you may have to choose between trying to find a host it works on, or choosing a new ecommerce solution



Hello Guys,

I had a go at custom variants and child products and I don't think I am doing it right.

Here is what I did.  I have items ... its baby swaddling.  comes in a 4 pack.  There are different color sets.  There are different prices for each item. 

1. I made a product ' Aden + Anais Baby Swadding ' Colorset Paparazzi added Price, Category, short desc, full desc, picture, put stock level at 10 items, then i made multiple children products of the different color sets each one using the same info from Paparazzi just cut and pasted but changing the Product name by adding the color set description.  Then i changed the short desc, and full desc to include the color set info.  I put in the different photo for each color set.  saved it all.

Then I made a custom field, chose plugin, chose stackable variant + cart attribute, added my different color sets.  saved and then went into my parent product and chose this custom field.

This is where the s__t its the fan.  Where do I go from here?  Did i do something wrong... I end up being able to choose my different variables, but they obviously don't link up to my children products.  How do i do that? 

Why is this so confusing :).  Can someone please help.


Stockable variant plugin doesn't work yet. several others have confirmed this too. I would use Generic child variants instead.


Hello Guys,

I got a little problem with custom fields and taxes. I got products (spices) width different containers AND different Taxes.
When i create a product, i add different custom field with cart attributes (exemple : my product is "Black Salt from Hawaii" is available in 100g and 1Kg,100g=10€,1kg=90€).
The problem is in the front office : all the taxes of the shop (5.5% and 19.6%) are added to the custom fields (exemple : 100g X (19.6+5.5)% ....

Is it normal ?


Is there a version that will run on Joomla 2.5.4 other the 2.0.6 that will work correctly, paid a lot for different extensions for virtumart and it still does not work correctly!  It seems like I am not the only one having the same issue.


I've followed these instructions, and have the appropriate attributes I want, have those children products with inventory in stock, and it only displays the "Notify Me" text, not the "add to cart."

I've got the product here:


Quote from: aztacgear on May 09, 2012, 20:46:11 PM
I've followed these instructions, and have the appropriate attributes I want, have those children products with inventory in stock, and it only displays the "Notify Me" text, not the "add to cart."

I've got the product here:

This is the exact same problem a few of us have. When you make a selection, the page does not refresh to the appropriate child and update the stock. This is the exact reason why I changed to generic child variants with only 1 drop down. You could do the same and have two items. Orange Survival Bracelet,Plastic Side Release and Black Survival Bracelet,Plastic Side Release. Then allow the user to choose the size in the drop down.


Just thinking out loud really - have been playing with generic child variants as suggested by spyderwebdesign -

It has made it a long process but does eventually achieve most of what we want.  (The unfortunate thing with my client is that they stock every bra size from 30A up to 44J inclusive which is between 80-100 sizes depending on manufacturer!)

One addition I did make is to have the colours as a generic child variant of the product, and then the sizes as the generic child variants of each colour.  It makes quite heavy going to implement, but makes the dropdown boxes work quite nicely.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where we could feed a link to the parent from the children, so that we can go back to re-choose the colours?


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Hello everyone,

I finally manage to make it work but i have a strange problem with the price.

The Parent item has price 20.00 €.
I'm adding additional price to child 50.00 € but when i click "Add To Cart" it adds the double.
So i have 120.00 € in my cart.

I'm attaching you a screenshot to understand better.

Why this is happening ? Does anyone facing the same problem ?

Thank you.

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Joomla 2.5.4
Virtuemart 2.0.6



I have problem with "custom stockable variant".
Some positions are double >>>>

1 - 2. plugin setting
3 - 4. parent + parent detail
5. my problem

I think the problem is only in generating the menu.
But I can not find it.

Thanks for the advice

ps: Sorry for my English


I have a solution to the problem where the additional charge is being doubled at the checkout:

I'd appreciate it if anybody experiencing this problem could make the proposed change (simply commenting out a line) and let me know if you see any adverse side effects. I haven't noticed any myself.

Can we come to a consensus about the most important bugs in this plugin that need to be fixed. I'm going to put a bit of time into getting some of the bugs fixed and putting these bug fixes to the admins because development on this plugin has stopped.

What should get fixed first?



Hi everyone,

I have managed to get a drop list of sizes for my product, but when I choose a size and click 'add to cart' I get a message 'Product out of stock' and 'Product not successfully added'. The parent product does not have a quantity, but each of the sizes has its own quantity. Any ideas?


I recall the parent product also needs stock (QTY 1 for instance), but I'm not sure. That's how I've set up my shop with sizes.