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unpublish all related Virtuemart modules and In Joomla plugins : vmexntended,vmcustom,vmpaiment,vmshipment
Especially the virtuemart menu module in administrator
Install Virtuemart first then AIO zip then tcpdf
Auch, that was a litte step above my competancy :)
I will of course check into this, but any direct pointers would be appreaciated.

I'm not deep into programming so I'm not able to search for the calling of the function rapidly, and not fully understand the content of the function.

Installing some xdebug on my NAS is not straight forward either I assue, so it might be a hard route for me and my setup.
you need to find where vRequest is missing

install xdebug in php so u get a trace to find what is calling the vRequest and not finding it
Installation, Migration & Upgrade / Upgrade of VM to 3.6.10 failing
« Last post by kleinum on Today at 18:12:10 »
System setup (on a local QNAP NAS):
PHP 7.3.7
SQL MariaDB 5.5.57

Joomla upgraded from 3.6.5 to 3.9.16
Then VM upgraded from 3.0.4 to 3.6.10, when failing.

It aborts the install after it has been running a bit.
Giving a "Error: 0 Class 'vRequest' not found" in top of the browser tab.
It also makes the complete admin panel unaccesable with just the top manu showing, none of the link are giving any content.
I have tried the VM upgrade both with _package_or_extract file and each of the component and AIO .zip files. Same result.

Only thing that works after this, is to revert to clean database and server files and start all over again.

Have also tried to upgrade the VM to a lower version like 3.0.4 (reinstall) 3.0.18 and 3.2.1 etc but ending up with the same issue.
Also tried doing the same upgrade steps explained, BEFORE upgrading Joomla from my 3.6.5 to 3.9.16

Not sure if this is caused by my local setup or not, but I need to get this working local before attemting to do the upgrade on live site :)
Any pointers ?
Only Cart View is nice now but all other templates have to be modified, too where DBTaxRulesBill is active...
I Modified com_virtuemart/cart/defaultpricelist.php to have the 19% Tax show in the additional rules row:

      foreach ($this->cart->cartData['DBTaxRulesBill'] as $rule) {

      <tr class="sectiontableentry<?php echo $i ?> vm-cart-hide">
         <td colspan="4" class="text-right"><?php echo vmText::_($rule['calc_name']) ?></td>
         <?php if (VmConfig::get ('show_tax')) { ?>
         <td class="text-right priceCol"><?php echo $this->currencyDisplay->createPriceDiv ($rule['virtuemart_calc_id'] . 'Diff', '', $this->cart->cartPrices[$rule['virtuemart_calc_id'] . 'Diff']/119*19, TRUE); ?></td>
         <?php } ?>
         <td class="text-right priceCol"><?php echo $this->currencyDisplay->createPriceDiv ($rule['virtuemart_calc_id'] . 'Diff', '', $this->cart->cartPrices[$rule['virtuemart_calc_id'] . 'Diff'], TRUE); ?></td>
         <td class="text-right priceCol"><?php echo $this->currencyDisplay->createPriceDiv ($rule['virtuemart_calc_id'] . 'Diff', '', $this->cart->cartPrices[$rule['virtuemart_calc_id'] . 'Diff'], TRUE); ?></td>

The tax calculation for the rule is now hard coded in defaultpricelist.php - can you give me the correct PHP code for this line please ?
Hopefully it will be included in the next updates...(BETA/ALPHA) ?
thank you
General Questions / Re: Menu don't shows at cart page
« Last post by ketbel on Today at 11:16:21 »
Hi. I solved the problem.
I have set det top-menu-module to only shows on selected pages.
I followed a manual to create a multi language site and it told to set the module on specific pages and the right language.
Now I set the module to show on all pages, but select the language for the module. I works.
General Questions / Selected VM category does not appear on the page
« Last post by yan77 on Today at 06:06:38 »
Hi All,
I am experiencing a weird problem and could not really figure out why this is happening.. Any help would be really appreciated. I have basically below structure in VM;

Top Category A
   - Sub Category A
      - Product 1
      - Product 2
Top Category B
   - Sub Category B
      - Product 3

and I have 2 menu items,

Menu Item 1;
   Menu Item Type; VM Category Layout
   Select a Category; Sub Category A
In this menu, everything works correct, both Product 1 and Product 2 are displayed under the menu item correctly.

Menu Item 2;
   Menu Item Type; VM Category Layout
   Select a Category; Sub Category B
In this menu, the Product 3 does not appear at all (it appeared once, but it got disappeared once I refresh the page) but Product 1 and Product 2 are displayed instead even though they should not be! The Sub Category A is even not selected under this Menu Item 2, I do not know why Product 1&2 get to be listed on the page but the Product 3 does not appear at all!

I appreciate if anyone can give me a hint, I have no idea how to address this issue.

I am using VirtueMart 3.6.10 , and Joomla 3.9.16 and a third party Joomla template.

Thank you!
I had great difficulties getting the payment gateway cycle to start after completing the Cart and pressing Pay.

Evenually TT found a bug in version 8 that prevented the payment going onto the collect card details page. If anyone has this problem and using templatetoaster for their template design upgrade to V8.0.0 19963

This issue was found in the orderdone.php file line 16 deleted. I attach a working template for anyone wanting to examine or modify.
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