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3rd party extension / Price history for VirtueMart
« Last post by pinochico on Today at 17:33:25 »

The plugin complies with the EU directive on displaying price and discount history.
The plugin stores price history in a separate database table and allows to display the discount amount and price history graph on the product detail

Product Details:
Live Demo:
Same here!

J 4.2.9 / VM 4.0.12 / PHP 8.0.26 (migrated from J3/VM3 to J4/VM4)

Did anyone find a solution to this?
Virtuemart Development and bug reports / Re: Random url in products
« Last post by Sillero on Today at 10:19:47 »
Yes, the robots.txt rules can be tricky. Once you discover the problems you first have to dexindex and then block by robots.txt. Every website is different. Your robots.txt file is very interesting

There is a lot of work to set nofollow links and to noindex some urls in a new virtuemart setup. I think this aspect should be improved by taking more consideration in SEO.

I was able to find a possible solution to my problem and I want to share it. I am not a programmer and it is possible that it will not work for other web pages.
Since the canonical url is always generated correctly and in my case I don't have the same product in several categories, I can do a 301 redirect from the base url that is reached to the canonical url. This is my code implemented in the view .../templates/.../productsdetails/default.php

I would like to hear your comments

Code: [Select]
$flag = false;
$document = JFactory::getDocument ();
foreach ($document->_links as $k => $array) {
if ($k != $document->base)
if ( $array['relation'] == 'canonical' ) {
$flag = true;

if($flag) {
//$document->setMetaData( 'robots', 'noindex' );
header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");
header("Location: $k");
header("Connection: close");
because you don't setup right robots.txt
because you don't setup right view for nofollow, noindex
because a lot of others :)

This is complex problem, not only one URL.
We are hard working o SEO with GSC two years and in this time google change rules 3 times :D
In this new version I found a bug and went back to the previous 4.0.12

After launching the new version, additional images in the product list stopped showing up.

I believe that everything should be tested before publishing a stable version.
Virtuemart Development and bug reports / SOS Virtuemart editor custom field
« Last post by niosme on Yesterday at 16:18:30 »
From version 3.8.8 when we create an editor field the variable was saved at customfield_value.
From 3.8.9 till 4.0.12 it is saving this value at customfield_params.
At 4.0.14 this value is saving in customfield_value again.

You can check that at administrator/models/customfields at case 'X'

Really Milbo? What the heck..
General Questions / VM 4.0.12 page error
« Last post by Teejay on Yesterday at 12:33:09 »
Dear Support,
please help with right set up for VM frontend home page, cos something is not functioning properly, with our website, the default Nederlands content pages is not capturing payments, while the Flemish pages does, when you add product to cart, on the dutch content page, for one reason on another, you click save to fill in factor & delivery details, you get error prompt 404, now have edited the home page with same setting as the Flemish one, click no button (COM_VIRTUEMART_CLEAR_CART_DESC), refreshed browser, still no juice, check the link:, their is actual link to user page, yet its not working, thought maybe someone else knows solution here
VM have an internal checking tool on install for SQL table updates. So no you don not see directly the mysql changes
That was on reference that we can create our own installation of 4.0.14 but we see only files and we have not the internal checking tool for SQL table updates.
You can make an installation for free to check what solved or not but that installation will have outdated database. So this installation will not work as expected is what i am saying. So as a result we cannot create installation from SVN.

So i fixed router , editor custom field which was buggy , done some changes to work with php8, fixed router problems by replacing with the latest version vm files, children product prices which they not inherting price.Also passed some files from the latest vm version.
Now i dont remember if something else is fixed but i dont think show. I pass the changes inside when i see something fixed.

Also i use your extensions which are awesome like the vmcustom_variant which is brilliant and small which i found it before a week or two. Also from minijoomla which he have awesome extensions also as product import.
You guys doing a nice job there.

But as i am saying letting a buggy version to let users install it and the prompt them to buy another buggy as we see in the forum posts is not a way to go.
Its like setting a trap waiting a user to be disappointed to make him pay.
As i dont expect your extensions that i pay to have bugs vm should have not have that kind of bugs like not running on php8 and a lot of other problems like routing.

So in conlcusion i just fixed some common problems, i made it work in joomla 4 with latest php.Also i replaced some of the updated files of the latest version 4.0.14.
Thank you, Hazel.

That was precisely what happened - Fancy Box was disabled.
Hello Pinochico,

How do I get this to work properly?  :)
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