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Templating & Layouts / Re: move customer note box to the top
« Last post by jlover on Yesterday at 17:26:34 »
Dear AH,

I am not a programmer, so do simply by move all code to correct file. I success to move the box+ term of service to the top of table by move most of the code to default_address.php, code in default_cartfields.php remains only a few row:

defined ('_JEXEC') or die();

// Status Of Delimiter
$closeDelimiter = false;
$openTable = true;
$hiddenFields = '';


not exactly i want but acceptable. thank you.
Thanks for your detailed tips.

I checked the config:

- Optimise sql requests for products
- Optimise sql requests for categories

are set (tried both on and off)

I have no admin template overrides. Checked isis and hathor.

ALL Third party extensions, plugins disabled.

I reinstalled virtuemart, updated tables.

Unfortunately no changes at all.

In console no errors appear. Only two warnings:

1. Layout display was forced before the page was fully loaded. If stylesheets are not yet loaded, this can lead to a temporary display of the content without formatting. (media/jui/js/jquery.js:6683:33)
2. JQMIGRATE: jQuery.browser is deprecated (media/jui/js/jquery-migrate.js:45:12)

I played with the Php version on the server (default is 7.3.15, changed to 7.2, 7.0 and even down to 5.6)

I also disabled the servers WAF for a test.

I also checked the tables and they seem to be okay. (screenshots attached)

I'm maintaining more than ten VM Shops and after updating to the latest version I have this effect on all sites :-(

Thanks in advance for your kind assistance and have a nice weekend!
VM3.0.18 is nearly 4 years old and unlikely to work correctly with Joomla3.9

Current versions are Joomla 3.9.19 and VirtueMart 3.8.4 10335

If updating test on a backup of the live site. Your template may also need updating and some VM configuration options have changed.
Thanks for the quick reply.

I think we have a different problem.

Because the new user confirmation mail from virtuemart is not sending at all, instead of this mail, the joomla user approval mail is being send.

When the virtuemart mail is send again (with some empty fields), is it possible to re enable the field information in some way (with external plugin eg)?
thanks for all your answers. So i have to search for something similar in Germany.
Glad to help.  :)

Thank you so much Jorgen for your help. You helped me a lot! I will try this extension.
General Questions / Pagination in VM Search results broken, not working
« Last post by duplexau on Yesterday at 06:05:35 »
Hi, we have the following versions for our products catalog site:

Virtuemart: 3.0.18
Joomla: 3.9.5

We found that the VM catalog pagination (1,2,3, etc) in search results page seem not working, when we click tab 2 of search results pagination, it returned back to category page instead of showing search results. Is there any fix to solve this issue?

Also somehow Virtuemart doesn't attach PDF of the order in the order email.

Assistance is greatly appreciated
Plugins: Payment, Shipment and others / Re: DHL - Shipping with automated Labels
« Last post by loppan on July 09, 2020, 23:17:09 pm »
Yes, as far as me and auto-translate can tell, Balikobot is also a Transport Management System just like Unifaun.

We have 8 eshop and staff every day working only max 1 hour (before use balikobot - 5-6 hours daily)

Yeah, I know what you're saying - a good TMS integrated with VM + a professional industrial standard label printer changed my life completely :D.

There must be good alternatives in Germany also. The plugin I use is very simple, for each confirmed order it sends the customer data + chosen shipping method to Unifaun, where I can either print the label with one click or set it to print automatically. Saves a lot of valuable time :).
General Questions / How to Create PDF document from Products
« Last post by trevorellis on July 09, 2020, 19:09:39 pm »
I am using VirtueMart 3.8.4 10335 and I would like to be able to produce a pdf catalog of products (regularly). Does anyone know of a suitable extension that can do this? We were trying to use one called Sprint but it breaks when producing pdf files.  YG! Sprint 4.0 - last editied in 2016. Paid version download link is not available. Using PHP 7.3
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