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Thank you.

As a starting point, it would help to know if it's possible to show the product SKUs for each order, in the Orders template override.
(without hacking core files)
Product creation / New product issue
« Last post by radosc on Today at 11:13:44 »

After upgrading to new VM 3.8.8 I noticed a problem with adding new product.

Instead of adding new product button "New" I'm edditing the last one.
I can't add new product.
The only way to add new product is to clone the last one and change all data.

How to solve this issue?

VM 3.8.8
Joomla 3.9.24
PHP 7.3.9
MySql    5.5.5-10.1.28-MariaDB

Why aren't you using the child variants?
For more complex case, i have this product customfield plugin in my shop
I have tried this in both product and category description. I can not see Your behaviour.
Have You cleared cache between tests ?

Fumbling in the dark here. Are You showing several categories on the same page ? All with the same code ?


Yes. . . but I've already tried to turn everything off. It did not help.
Then I guess that there is some plugin that tinkers with the code at time of rendering. Do You have some extension for rich snippets ?


I see everything in the administration as I wrote it down. Even if I save and reopen it, I always see it correctly. just an frontend it's different.
Is the saved data in your VM/jommla html correct ? If it is, some jscript based cleaning is done when the code is put on your web.

I would try without the Quix editor.

No. I turned off all extensions containing the word Quix completely, and the problem still exists. it will be something else. I guess I have to turn it off and keep trying.
I see. I don't use the Quix editor, but I'll try to turn it off hard to save. One never knows. Maybe it can really have an effect.
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