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Product Options Custom Field Dropbox Plugin (Updated)

Started by PRO, March 16, 2012, 11:52:11 AM

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UPDATED: with Beta Feature =Price
Beta Feature: = is NOT guaranteed to work for you. It works for me. There are so many price configurations with vmart, I cannot tell you if it will work.

ALSO: With updated version
The custom field setup will not save with price variations.
You have to do that in the individual product.
If you have
red,Blue,Green,Yellow    etc. You will be able to apply them with 1 click.

Plugin Features:

  • Apply A Template Of Options w/ 1 Click
  • Uses a Comma Separated List For Options
  • Price Variant
  • Also Accepts Negative Numbers for "minus"
  • beta feature Equals

Install The Plugin
Enable It
Go to custom fields.
Click "new"
Choose Plugins
The dropbox
Fill in the title.
Fill In the option template separated by Commas.
For example
Go To a Product Custom Fields.
Choose the plugin.
You will see all the options there already. You can just hit save.

You can change the template, and the specific product options without changing the products that already have them assigned to them.

For Price Variant just add |+ or |- at the end.
For example
Small,Medium |+5, Large |+10

For negative Just use
Large,Medium |-5,Small |-10

For Equals
Please Choose,Red|=100,Green|=200

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Any demo? (not picture) - Free Softwares | - Free SEO Info



It's okay..

well i downloaded it but i am not sure about it's purpose. can you explain further?

Thanks. - Free Softwares | - Free SEO Info


Its for product attributes. Did you look at the picture?
It takes a comma separated list, and creates product options with it.
I use it to apply 36 colors to products with a single click.


i downloaded the plugin and published it, but where i can see this field?
I looked in products custom fields but there is no such option. How to get it worked?  :-\ - Free Softwares | - Free SEO Info


Publish the plugin
Go to custom fields.
Click New.
Choose "Plugins"
At the bottom Click "dropbox".

The Put a comma separated list of the options you want added.

Go to a product, and apply that custom field.


Yes, now i can make it work.
But what is the purpose of it really?
i mean what can i do by this color? Is it cant be done by vm itself?
Dont be angry on me as i have no idea what is its function. :)
Anyway, you made good work.
Thanks again. - Free Softwares | - Free SEO Info


It makes it easier.

Normal vmart custom fields to add 10 colors to a product will have to be added individually.

This plugin adds the whole template to a product with a single click.

If you have 50 products, all available in the same 10 colors. You can go to the product, "apply the plugin template" and hit save.

50 Products with standard vmart custom field, would have to be saved 500 times. 1 for each individual field, + typing them it.


Now i managed it in backend but can't see any changes in frontend.  ???

But it does not deal with price. right? - Free Softwares | - Free SEO Info


Quote from: Anik on March 16, 2012, 12:30:36 PM
Now i managed it in backend but can't see any changes in frontend.  ???

But it does not deal with price. right?

No, this is best for colors etc.

Have you applied it to a product?

Anik - Free Softwares | - Free SEO Info


Did you set the custom field as "Cart Attribute" in the configuration.


Yeehh. After seting that it's working..  ;D

:-*..Thanks.. :-* - Free Softwares | - Free SEO Info


updated, now has price variation.
Positive, and negative.