Problems with add to cart images missing on details page etc...

Started by SashaMacic, March 03, 2012, 23:52:07 PM

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I would appreciate any help here, running joomla 2.5.1 vm and latest vm

I have did almost every suggestion i have found here on forum and nothing happens, i managed to solve image problem tho, but this with add to cart is just killing me. Turned off, scripts, vm, ajax, google, different combination etc but nothing, reinstalled, unpublished/published, updated db and nothing. It's seem there's no js conflict at all. Add to cart works perfect on front page but on details product page do not work. Inspecting button on click event with firebug give me that attached, anyone have any idea? Thanks

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The Gavick cart uses non-virtuemart supplied code so you will need to ask them about this, as they do claim "support for Virtuemart" within this commercial template.  There are different JQuery versions loading when the demo is compared to your site - I do not know if this is significant.

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