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Serious Conflict with RSformPro

Started by Agaton, March 01, 2012, 16:49:30 PM

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I just upgraded to version 2.0.2, when completed my RSFormPro(1.4.0 Rev 43) install stopped working in the frontend and returned a server error 500 when attempting to access form.

I unistalled a reinstalled both products, and only did this rectify itsself when virtuemart was uninstalled.

I run a joomla 2.5.1 install on a linux server with php version 5.2.17 with apche web server.

Everything was running fine before I upgraded VM to 2.0.2 from version 2.0.0

Has anybody encountered this before?
If so is there a fix?


RSformPro it's a plugin, module or a component for virtuemart?  ???
VM V. online: J2.5.14 | VM 2.0.20a | SQL 5.1.70 | PHP 5.3.25