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virtuemart modules error

Started by comraseliteunit, March 02, 2012, 06:34:50 AM

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hi.. i am testing my site in localhost pc to use Virtuemart component and widgetkit as the slideshow for site frontpage but it is not working the moment i install virtuemart.. im doing this in clean joomla 2.5.1 installation and everything is perfect and soon after i install virtuemart component, i install widgetkit, setup the module to show on frontpage but no images loaded or even the buttons in the widgetkit.. maybe u can try in your server, and hope this will be fixed.. thank you so much..

Additional Info

i have tested and found out that, by installing virtuemart alone, the widgetkit is working perfectly.. the com_virtuemart.2.0.2_ext_aio contains all the modules of virtuemart.. the one causing problem to widgetkit or vice versa is:-

Module: VirtueMart Category
Module: VirtueMart Shopping Cart

hope there will be a fix for this because if this 2 modules are published in frontpage (where the widgetkit has been setup), then nothing will be shown in this widgetkit.. even i tried uninstall virtuemart component, the entire site does not show anything.. until i removed every single modules, then the site is showing, otherwise it is not showing at all.. maybe u can try install a new joomla + virtuemart + yootheme widgetkit and publish the 2 modules mentioned above, u will face the same problem..