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How to set yourself as a Vendor?

Started by icinfo, January 19, 2012, 11:58:15 AM

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I have tried to figure out the Vendor system in the new VM2. I have set my user from Shopper page as Vendor (by choosing the username and clicking "Is a vendor" button. It looks like I am a vender after that. My question is why do I not see the columns that show is the shopper is a vendor or not. There should be one column with red or green icons to show if you are a vendor or not, right?

Also the same thing is at Product/Taxes and calculations rules. I see that there is a column "Visible shopper", but if I understand right there should be another column "Visible Vendor". I don't see that the same way as I don't see the icons on Shopper page.

So my question is how do I really make myself as Vendor, a vendor that sees all the columns?



I have the same problem but in a different way , I am doing the website for the shop owner (the unique vendor) I have clicked on Is a vendor  but I see no difference , where is the configuration Shop gone ?

thank you


I found thid vendor confusing too.

Although the designers say that you can register someone just like you normally do in joolma. I fund it better to do the following.

Login - to joomla like the designer -- go to the virtuemart >>shop>> Fill in the vendor Information>>Then filling the General user information>> In your mind make this a new person & email>>( This will be the vendor)> give them a group etc>>save and then fill in the addition information about them and save.

* What you will find is that if you come back and forth to this window the Information is gone..

**** Now to find everyone *** what they don't tell you is that when you are finished you need to click on shop and then CANCEL ** this will display a list of the people you have added to your shop and pick one to be your vendor.

I found that they fixed this issue with 2.0.1 and You can see the shop vendors Now to make it easier -  Save your shop before you update - I had problems the first time.


That's just stupipd. Is there any chance that this "feature" will be changed?


I updated my shop to 2.0.1 and it fixed these issues - but do a back up of your shop first.