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[solved] styling stripped from product descriptions

Started by dontflinch, January 09, 2012, 22:27:17 PM

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I have been entering the products into our new VM2 store with no problems (I am super admin).

I added a second user to help me while I work on other things (she is a regular 'Administrator') and when she enters information into the product descriptions (or even edits old descriptions) it strips out all the html except for an opening and closing p tag.

any ideas what is causing this and how I can fix it?

I looked under both the shop config and the shopper menu.  in shopper menu when I try to save after adding her to "Administrator" in the group setting I get this error:
QuotevmError: storing user adress dataTableVmusers: :bind failed. Invalid source argument.
Info: User data stored


edit:  I was trying to change the setting on the "general user information" tab, but when I switched to the "additional information" tab I was able to successfully change the permissions.  however the code is still being stripped.

edit2:  I updated her status from "storeadmin" to just "admin" on the additional information" tab and now it is letting her edit normally.


Look in shoppers. Your permission needs to be admin. Super user (cant remember which)


Could also be the editor you use.

If you use (for example) Cute-Editor as default, but she has default something else, your layout could be screwed up.

I only got my layout to work with copy-paste with cute-editor.
Prowd owner of webshop:

Version J2.5.4 with VM 2.0.3E.


hi there, I guess I should have posted a reply rather than just editing in the result:

QuoteI updated her status from "storeadmin" to just "admin" on the "additional information" tab and now it is letting her edit normally.


Thank you very much for such a useful discussion.... ;)