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Problems with user registration

Started by jfoc, January 01, 2012, 01:47:50 AM

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Hello, I'm using VM 2 with Joomla 1.7.2
My main problem is with the user registration method. First of all, i can't get the Shopper fields to show when a user clicks "Create an account" in the login module. I think this is because de registration form is now managed by joomla, unlike vm 1.1.9 where the user login module was part of de vm catalog module, is there anyway to make the registration form more like vm 1.1.9?
The workaround I'm using is allowing user to register during checkout. This works fine, except that the user can't input their email, because is set to read only in the shopper fields configuration and can't be changed. Anyway I can fix this?
The other problem I'm facing is with age verification. All my costumers must be at least 18 years old, but the date picker only displays from year 2001 to 2020 in the drop down list. How can i fix this?

I really like the new feature and looks of VM 2, but without this I can't put my shop online.... I'd really appreciate your help, thanks in advance. 


Please, help me understand how this works, any documentation coming soon or something like that?, any kind of help would be great...



Can you check below link?

It may be helpful to you.

Best Regards,
Trivedi kartik.
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Hi, thanks for the answer. Actually i've been checking the wiki often to see if it gets updates, but nothing there yet that answers my questions about the way virtuemart 2 and joomla 1.7 interact regarding user registration and the shopper fields... still no luck... but thanks a lot for your reply, i'll keep looking !  ;D



Still in need of some help here, please.... I really need to get my site online as soon as posible, any help is most appreciated....


I cant register a demo user too. I'm getting problem with user registration.

In your "Shopper Information" tab you got this fields:

User Permissions:    shopper
Customer id/Internal VM user ID:   
Shopper Group:

I dont know what users need this!

See my post here please:
VM V. online: J2.5.14 | VM 2.0.20a | SQL 5.1.70 | PHP 5.3.25


Same issue with the forced read only - becoming a huge issue with my client!