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I am having trouble understanding the releases and numbers

Started by bunglehaze, December 08, 2011, 17:33:19 PM

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Having now just downloaded and installed RC3 pre-f I had assumed that things would be a little bit closer to a release candidate than the previous version 'M' I was using. To me though it seems with each new RC release things go backwards either in terms of functionality or bugs found, even basic things like keeping the templates from the M version would not work so all of the modifications needed had to be redone to the new default file.

Can I ask, is VM2 seriously considered RC at this point? I had high hopes for release N and was thinking that might actually be somewhere close to final

release M had loads of language missing as well as a number of other small bugs that I would have expected to have been nailed during Beta and only fine tuning happening in RC. Release RC3 pre-f is even worse. Adding or cloning products leads to 500 errors, language is still missing from a number of functions and so on.

I am not having a dig at the devs for this but I have not used a Release Candidate software with these levels of irritations before and have installed Alpha's that have needed less work to make 100% functional. A lot of us are trying to get ahead of the J1.5 end cycle and work with software designed and meant for J1.7 without having to install stable and then put in a load of time converting at a later date, those of us who are used to, and capable of working with RC software expect the odd bugs here and there but usually no regression (that happens in Beta surely?)

I just read somewhere else that pre-f is not considered an official release - why put it up in the Dev portal if this is the case?



Quote from: bunglehaze on December 08, 2011, 17:33:19 PM
even basic things like keeping the templates from the M version would not work

RE: Templates  PLEASE DO AN OVERRIDE.    DONT modify the original file. It will be overwrritten EVERY update you do if you do not use overrides.

and there are problems with the plugins and modules being updated.

So when you upgrade. You need to overwrite the plugins, and also the modules.
OR, uninstall them, and reinstall the AIO component with the new one


Overrides were already soon, what I meant was that the new version could not use the layout of the override template I created which meant I had to re-do it again.


you means the "chosen" override?

Like when you have more than 1 product page? and select them?


I moved all the templates in the joomla template's /html folder as I would do for any other component but after upgrading to pre-f the templates were causing errors until I re-edited the default.php template in the new version and moved it to my overrides folder again.


what error was it? I didnt get any.

I did look for changes, and noticed the add to cart form changed, and I think the price layout. So, I just copied and pasted those parts into my edited one.

and also the quantity box changed


I am not sure just a 500 page error - as it happens I just installed release G and it is doing all the same thing again but this time I have set everything back to trying to load the default templates again - 500 error on the frontend.



I figured it out and posted up in the development and bugs thread.


Quote from: Milbo on December 01, 2011, 14:12:30 PM
We would like to directly do the final release, but we need more help with testing. Looking back, the M version was already like a final except some small bugs, which we were able to fix within 5 minutes.


Also Consider that the update button is now falsly showing that there is a new update available ( in fact you would downgrade). The reason for this is that it is an unofficial release.

This is not an official release, we do not suggest to use it. We need people who test it. Before we tested often a version internally one week. Lets see what the day tomorrow brings.

Left todo is to move one trigger, which is already done, but not in the h version. And we want to move the JRequest out of the sortSearchListQuery in the product model, so that the search does not interfere with the module lists. There is one little bug left in j1.7 with the pagination and the 0.00 price stroked.
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