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no display of "add to cart"

Started by jietoh, November 03, 2011, 16:34:19 PM

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i use j1.7 and v1.9.8k ... and everything is fine ... but in progress of templating a shop i just wonder there is no "add to cart" button. I changed to default templates same behavior. i renamed my template ... same behavior. after rendering i get the following code:

<div class="spacer-buy-area">
  <div class="addtocart-area"><div class="clear"></div>

I searched for an option and so on but no sucess. Could anybody help?

thank, best regards



no .. i'm not in catolog view ;-)

i installed j1.7.2 and v1.9.8k (fresh with example data) and now there is a cart bottom ... but where is the problem in my old install? :( is there a way to migrate my products and categories? to the fresh install?

best regards, jietoh


Why not just figure out what the problem is. Its probably something simple.

BUT, you can copy the virtuemart database, and import it into the new one if you want.


i want to figure out the problem .. but no errors or something and so its not very easy :(

but i migrate data themes .. step for step .. maybe its fails agains to figure out ...

thanks, jietoh



yes, they have prices, manufactures, ....... all



for all who wants to know it ... sometimes there are produkts with layout: PDF --> then no cart is displayed

i switched to default ... and all works. now i have other problems but thats a new topic

thank too all

(thread could closed)


specifically there are a couple of places where you can do this.

first place is in the main config where you can make a default layout. if this is pdf then all items will not show add to cart

secondly (the one that got me) was in the actual product setup you can also choose to use pdf display

either of these mean no add to cart button


try this : edit the product, and on Product Details Page: no override, that worked for me,  with pdf option
it didnt show the add to cart button :s