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Please advice on how to calculate shipping taxes

Started by mansonul, December 07, 2011, 11:57:19 AM

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In Romania we shipp our products with the national post office. They have a service called "ramburs" which on delivery they cash our clients with the amount that our client had agreed in the checkout from our online store. Then they (the post office) sends us the money.

Now, the problem is that the post office has a lot of taxes applied to this service. Here is the schema:

a) Fixed tax for choosing this service: 1.65 RON
b) Weight tax: kg * 1.65 RON (from 0.1kg to 1kg the value is 1.65, from 1.01kg to 2kg the value is 3.3, from 2.1kg to 3kg the value is 4.95, and so on)
c) Assurance tax: 0.22 RON
d) Tax applied to the checkout value: checkout value * 1.1% + 2.5 RON

And now an example (we sell books):

1 book has a weight of 245 grams and a value of 14 RON so virtuemart should calculate the shipping as this:


I don`t know how to make this... Please advice!

Thank you!


I think in your case you need an adjusted shipment plugin. But maybe alatak knows a better way.
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I think an extra plugin is the only solution, because the rules must fith with Romania post office.