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Internal server error all the time :(

Started by KlausHimbeer, October 09, 2011, 04:16:30 AM

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I run Joomla 1.5, have a nice Yootheme template installed, had VM 1 installed and everything worked finde. But I canĀ“t install Virtumart 2 ( and older). I deleted all old tables from VM and uninstalled it, then I wanted to upload and install VM2 and after a while it just brings the server error 500. I tried all ways (Upload Package File, Install from Directory, Install from URL), I have PHP 5.2, max_filesize is 8MB... should be working, huh?

Maybe you guys have an idea. THANKS!!


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I did not upgrade, the old shop was a dummy anyway, so i uninstalled everything and made a complete new install with VM2.

Which points can lead to a server error? PHP version is corrcet, folder rights are correct, max_filesize is correct (8MB is enough, right?).. are there there other things I could check?


Oh damn, just tried to re install VM1, same problem. So its likely that these errors occure beacause there ist still stuff from the first installation. But I dropped all vm_ tables.. what else do I have to delete?