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ShopLab 3.0 - Free VirtueMart 3 Template

Started by Linelab, September 20, 2011, 00:53:47 AM

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Hello VirtueArtcz,

Sorry for the confusion, actually the first couple of products i tried was not free so i thought they all are premium. Your themes are great and if i get the next project in my hand i will register in your site for a premium account. Virtuemart is also awesome software and i will obviously donate towards it if i make profit.

I was working with the colorshop template and it is very trendy. I saw the cart floating in your demo site, but i cant get it worked in my installation. Also i can't put put items in it. I mean i set the module position "cart" but it does not showed in the opening portion when i click the cart image. Can you tell How to do it please? Also it will beautiful if you make little changes in the cart icon. Usually it is a empty cart and when someone add items to it then it also remains empty. It will look good if it changed to a icon where there have products in it.

And one little bug i identified that when someone clicks on the 'ask question about this product' then two fancybox appear. one is for default virtuemart, and another is for the template. It will be good to disable the default one.

Everything else it is a great work and great template.

Thank you for the share.

Anik - Free Softwares | - Free SEO Info


Hello again,

most of the errors i fixed manually but i can't figure one out. I downloaded the virtuemart menu (categorie) from your site, but it is not working properly. Looks like broken. Can you tell the process how to assign it correctly?

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Hi Anik, it is very easy. Please download and install VM2 Categories Joomla Module (Beta) > Go to settings of the VM2 Categories Joomla module (eg mod_menulinelab: Extensions - Module Manager - click on selected module) Select menu type containing virtuemart item (VirtueMart default layout/frontpage).
You need to set other parameters in module too:

Show Title: Hide
Position: Position-1
Status: Published
Assigment Module: On All Pages
Show sub-menu Items: Yes
Show VM Category description: Yes
Menu Tag ID: shoplab

Extra bonus slide cart module coming soon!  (free download)  ;)

Check demo and download final version Shoplab 2.0


Hello VA,

Actually i don't know before to add the menu tag id, so after adding it it worked great. But the problem is i'm using the colorshop theme where the shop menu looks little not good.
Do you have a colorshop set of this module or i need to modify the css manually? Thanks for your step by step guide.

Wow, what the slide cart module gonna do? Awaiting the for the realase.. :)

Take care. - Free Softwares | - Free SEO Info


And brother one thing, none of your template shows related products on the product details page. can you add them please? - Free Softwares | - Free SEO Info


are there no instructions included with the templates to configure them they way they display in the demo? I installed glasslab and I have to use trial and error to find the correct module positions, as well there is code missing from modules that are present in the demo, (ex. search icon in search bar in the header is missing from downloaded template.) Do I have to go through all the source code of the demo site and patch it up? what about menu styles and all that? do I have to scour the demo site for class tags to configure it the way it shows? Most templates I have bought/downloaded, even free ones, come with a pdf explaining how to set up the theme...
VM 2.0.4 Stable


Dear corymp,
on demo site are used Joomla sample data. For installing templates or extensions from you don't need any quick start package or sql dump. Installation is really simple. Module positions are same as in default template beez. Please download user guide for premium templates and read info.txt in folder of your template or f.a.q. If you would have any problem, please contact support. Thank you.


Hello VirtueArcz,

I was looking your colorshop template and i saw there is a option to enable a slideshow in homepage. I enabled it but it says i need to assign a slide show module also to get it worked.

Can you tellme how to do this?

Thanks. - Free Softwares | - Free SEO Info


Hi Anik,
Go to Admin > Extensions > Module Manager > click to New > Custom HTML > add Custom output

Custom output:

<div id="slider">
<a href="your_product_url" title="">
<img src="images/stories/slide1.jpg" border="0" alt="" title="" /></a>
<a href="your_product_url" title="">
<img src="images/stories/slide2.jpg" border="0" alt="" title="" /></a>
<a href="your_product_url" title="">
<img src="images/stories/slide3.jpg" border="0" alt="" title="" /></a>
<a href="your_product_url" title="">
<img src="images/stories/slide4.jpg" border="0" alt="" title="" /></a>
<a href="your_product_url" title="">
<img src="images/stories/slide5.jpg" border="0" alt="" title="" /></a>

Set module parameters:

Show Title: Hide
Position: position-12
Status: Published
Module Assigment: On All Pages or select specific pages


Upload your slide images to images/stories folder
Go to Admin > Extensions > Template Manager > ColorShop and set Display Slideshow to yes

Please read info.txt in folder of your template. Thank you.


Hello VirtueArtcz

Thanks for your reply. But doing this the module will show on all the pages on virtumart. If i just want to show it in shop homepage, then how can i do that?

Regards. - Free Softwares | - Free SEO Info


in the new 2.0.4 release there are some template changes and I have some problem to visualize category module in position-7 but only in certain product pages

for immediate comprehension could you check these two links (works well in one and not in the second)

works in:

don't work:

I realized that the problem is found when in the category there are more then one product, conversely when the product which we want to see the details page is the only in its relative category all works well.
Could you help me? txtxtxtxtxt


Very nice templates but may I ask.

I am getting this error when I go into categories: The choosen template couldnt found on the filesystem: Shoplab

I have it set as default in Joomla Templates, I have it also set as template in virtuemart and have it set for category as well in virtuemart templates section.


Could someone help me out please, I am still getting this error when I enter a category, the main store front site is fine though.

Thank you.


Need a manual or instractions for newbies to describe the overrides exist in Shoplab over Virtuemart. For example product images displayed in menu don't open in lightbox or related products are not shown. I have understood that Shoplab has style or configuration files that override the default VM files but don't know which are these in order to customize them. As I said I am new at all this and don't know much yet.

Also, is there any way to auto update Shoplab without reseting custom settings (for example at template's css)? For now I think the only way is to uninstall the old version and install the new one. I just upgraded to VM2.0.6 and I am not sure but I think Shoplab has been changed its version from the one was compatible with VM2.0.2 and need upgrade.