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Attributes/Custom Fields Thread

Started by PRO, September 12, 2011, 15:02:49 PM

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Thee is a date in shopper fields u can use, during checkout


Quote from: on January 17, 2012, 01:46:11 AM
Thee is a date in shopper fields u can use, during checkout


thanks for that. However, the requirement is to choose a date on the product page. Can it be done for example by having them choose a month and a dayfrom 2 drop down boxes?




"bepos, VM2 was only released 28 days ago, a period which included 2 major holiday periods. Until the software gets tested by thousands of users (over 103,000 downloads since release)  issues that only they need for their stores become known. A sub-release will be made soon, as more bugs are reported and fixed, but only one developer is working on the core. In addition function extending plugins will start to become available.

The fact that there are already a good number of live stores out there using VM2 is a good sign."

Kelvyn - I appreciate all your contributions to VM along with all the team members.  However I just added 800+ products and now I get to the attributes and find none and no solution for the drop down issue with custom fields.  Typically with the launch of any package like this there should have been a solid substitute if VM was going to get rid of the attributes.  This is something that should have been accounted for and planned a little better. 

I will play around with the child products, but I have already spent all day working on just getting the products loaded along with all the content of the Joomla 1.7 site.  There is no way I can spend another full day (18 hours) to delete everything - install J 1.5 and VM 1.1!

If anyone has a simple solution to the drop down issue problem - Parent/child custom fields please let us know.



OK I take back everything I said, though I wish I could get my hair that I pulled out back. 

This thread will show everyone how to create a drop down for size/color:

Though there is no easy way to do this for 800+ products it works. 

Start the coffee...



I am another Virtuemart user that needs the colour option in product listings.  I have created a custom field and added the field in product but it only accepts number value or it shows colour:free.  How can you change it to accept words (and without the word 'colour' in front of it)?



Quote from: on September 13, 2011, 18:35:10 PM
1)Add 1 just like the picture attached.

For the benefit of those trying to figure out how to do this who don't have forum accounts:


Excellent, got it working, needed a new day, fresh start.  I got stuck on the 'custom field' and did not think that the text I inserted in the 'default' field could be replaced when inserted in product listing, I kept trying to insert text in the price field (dah) which I am leaving blank.  I have also removed the word 'free' in the language file. 

One more thing, does anybody know how to remove the : after the text value in the dropdown box (White: )?



@ lt635

This character is located in line 565


just remove characters which are in red color below

$productCustom->text =  $productCustom->custom_value.' : '.$price;

BR and Thanks


Wonderful. Thank you!  :D



Its better to just do strp with php on the $field-display. That way it wont get ovewritten when you update


To get a text attribute ----- I did this

WOW I do wonder why It is done this way but it worked for me.
* Go to the Joomla Plugins and find>>VM - Custom, customer text input>>enable for Public.
*Now Go to Virtuemart>>Products>>custom Fields>>click new>>and new Attribute appears blank.
* In the custom Field>> pick plugins>>a small box will appear at the bottom of the list and then click on it>>VM customer text>>
* Wait : in a moment you will see a few options appear>>Title of Imput text>> change to what you want eg, Name
* next change the size of input to under 50 >> leave the cost per letter.
* IN the places above in the empty fields just write a few words like text, name , write -- (you can change these later)
* Make sure that Cart and published are ticked yes.

Now save , save , save

* Not finished yet
Now you have to click on Products>>pick one>>go to custom fields>>custom field type>> and pick the attribute you just created >> save save save .

Test to see the attribute appear - and email to you.

OK, I saw a small problem but it did work for me.    OMG - they need to make this easier.


Quote from: on September 13, 2011, 18:35:10 PM
For a simple dropdown for color/size etc.

Click "Custom Fields" in vmart admin.
1)Add 1 just like the picture attached.
2)Go into the product/custom field tab
3)Click the dropdown and choose the custom field you just setup.
4) The field appears below with ajax.
5) You can now edit that field.
6) To add more sizes/colors. Repeat step 3.

Is there a video anywhere showing how to do this? All I want to do is add custom fields to ALL ITEMS in category SHOES. These directions are missing steps. I also tried to follow directions on
How to do it?
1. Go in Products > Custom Fields, and click on the "New" button
2. Select the Custom Field Type: String, Integer, Boolean, Date, Time, Image
3. and fill the Title, Description, Default, Tooltip.
4. Set the parameter Cart Attribute to "No"
5. Save your custom field
6. Go in the Products > Products, and click on the product you whish to add this custom field
7. Go on the Custom Field tab, and in the Custom Field Type area, select the custom Field you just created. The custom field is automatically added; Fill in the value.
8. Save your product

After I click the link for "Products" there is no link cor Custom Fields. The only Custom Fields link I can find is for an individual product. I have 10,000 pairs of shoes and do not want to have to add a custom size / color field to all 10,000 items manually.


this is exactly the same problem i ran into. as i understand it now this is the only possibility at the moment.

last week they mentioned that this problem will be solved with the next release. so i'm very patiently waiting.

hoping for the best.


My main question for this new version of VM is there an easy solution for stock control of products with variants. I hope it is, else this VM release is useless for clothing and shoes' shops. For example my client sells shoes and he wants to add new product "very nice shoes", which has two colors blue and red. This is how the stock looks like:
Very nice shoes:
Color: blue | Size: 30 | Stock: 5
Color: blue | Size: 32 | Stock: 7
Color: red | Size: 32 | Stock: 6
Color: red | Size: 34 | Stock: 8

What should I tell to do for my client to insert this new product? I was searching for an hour how to do this, but came with nothing :( As I already said if there is no easy solution for this oparticular problem, VM will not compete with other carts, because it will be simply useless and a bunch of hard work the team did will be wasted.