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Attributes/Custom Fields Thread

Started by PRO, September 12, 2011, 15:02:49 PM

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I have been waiting for over a year for VirtueMart 2.6 to come out as the developers had written on how the new version would handle custom fields for Parent/Child products much better then VM 2.0 did. Today I updated my VM 2.0 to 2.6.6. I then set up a child product and using the over-ride option in the Custom Field tabs I defined a few custom fields for my child product. As stated earlier in this thread, this in turn is breaking the relationship between the parent/child for the Generic Child Variant field on the Child product. By overwriting the custom fields the generic child variant field will not populate for child products. Was the fix for this issue not implemented in VM 2.6 or am I missing something?

*** Update ***

I was searching the forum and found a recent update posting from one of the VM moderators. Looks like the fix for the custom fields issue has now been pushed out to VM 3. Ughh!!! I won't hold my breath.


Ok, just a heads up for anyone still having mass update issues.

Well Globacides Mass Updater is one hell of a piece of kit, when it worked, developers have seemingly vanished and no responses to ANY messages for over a year, lots of people very p****d and rightly so.

In light of this i personally called in the big guns and asked one of the best developers my company has ever employed (i have used many and have many i use), but this guy is....well....frankly my main #1 go to guy and as always, he smashed it. Fixed known issues and applied his usual amazing skills to get VM Mass Updater working for J2.5 and VM3 only, but, that's not an issue, yes i know J3 is preferred, no support for J2.5 but i run a ton of sites on J2.5 still and for the trade off this solution has been an invaluable solution to maintaining existing eCommerce and building new ones.

If anyone is interested just drop me a line.

It's working and fully functional and an amazing product, just a shame the developers fell off the face of the earth, and also terrible that people are still buying it and it fails INSTANTLY without support!

Live to ride, ride to live!


Hi every body. I am a bit confused as I can't find integer custom field.
I wants to make a book printing service with VM.So the customer should have the possibility to choose the number of book pages then choose how many books he would order.
I am looking froward for your urgent kind help and advice.

Studio 42

You can modify the text input plugin for this.

You have price by lettter settings, this can be the Number entered by the customer.
Show in the plugin  file : JOOMLAROOT/plugins\vmcustom\textinput\textinput.php
plgVmPrepareCartProduct (in vm3)
or plgVmCalculateCustomVariant(in vm2)



Hi Patrick.
First of all I would like to thank you for your kind attention. unfortunately I am not a PHP expert to modify the plugin.
would you mind informing me of what has happened to integer custom field?  and if it had been working in same case as mine?
Is there any other solution?
looking forward for you kind advice.

Studio 42

The standard input fields do not check for the value you entered to change the price.
This mean you have to use a custom plugin(on modify existing or making a new one) if you need to calculate a price by the number you entered.
Perhaps the quantity plugin for virtuemart can solve your problem :
demo here
to buy here :