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There are no more simple attributes with 2.0.
They are now in the "custom fields".
Custom fields also handles child products.

This thread is for tips and questions on custom field administration.

attached pdf shows the custom field configuration for simple dropdown.

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For a simple dropdown for color/size etc.

Click "Custom Fields" in vmart admin.
1)Add 1 just like the picture attached.
2)Go into the product/custom field tab
3)Click the dropdown and choose the custom field you just setup.
4) The field appears below with ajax.
5) You can now edit that field.
6) To add more sizes/colors. Repeat step 3.

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Studio 42:

I have do it for you ;)
Add a language key if customprice = 0 :
Simply edit it you can set it to ""; then nothing is displayed
or - or +++ or wath you want but it set by lnaguage then change it in all selected language.



Did you remove "User Variant" field type in latest build (2.0.0-RC-2i ) ?

I found in customfields.php these commented lines:


--- End code ---

Will you re-introduce them in final release?


Originally posted this here: but if we get an answer we will put it here, vice versa:

We would like to make a custom field, with a preset of selections that will come with it. For simple sake let's say we want to make a "Color" variant, and have the options of "Red" "blue" and "green".

I have figured out how to get the Color attribute to show up on the product, and then I can type in "Red", "Blue", and "Green" into the Ajaxy fields. But we have a ton of products and don't want to have to go in and type them all manually.

Is there anyway to make "Color" a parent, and make "Red" "Blue" and "Green" be child items, so that they will always come up? And then we could use the Ajaxy thing to delete "Red" if we didn't want it for a certain product, or to add "Purple" if we needed it specifically for a product?

It seems like this should be easy to do, but we just can't get it to work.

I thought maybe adding the Parent item, and setting it to "Is a List" and then adding child items of "Strings" but this doesn't work either. Please help!


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