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Does anyone has this working virtuemart 1.9.8.RC2c?

Started by charles99, August 19, 2011, 15:04:22 PM

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I have tried more than times to get this component to work just to run into errrors or core problems that forced me to uninstall it.  So I would like to know does anyone have this component working?   When you try to import VM1 to VM2 from the backend it doesn't import the images, and when you try to attach a image to a product it doesn't take.  And the allinone package totally knocks out the frontpage! 

And how do you apply a theme to this beta version?  I saw something in the forum but I am still not clear about the process?  You can select one of the main templates but the a Virtuemart theme like in 1.1.9.  So when you add up all these little problems together it equals one big headache! 

Even when you do a clean install with the sample data the pictures don't show even when the path is correct!  So let me ask again, does anyone have this version of Virtuemart working on a site that I can see?  On Joomla 1.7!

With more than 3,000 products having to reattach all my  images again is just crazy to even think about, especially with 3 different sites with the same amount of products...

And please no double talk! Just a simple and direct answer...



Charles, you do know now is not the time to covert all your live shops to 2.0 right?

There are no themes in 2.0. You can edit "views" just like with most joomla components.

I do have it working on 1.7, and MOST of the vmart data came over correct.

The pictures did not come over.

Migration will get a lot easier as kinks gets worked out.

When CSV is ready this will be a lot easier.


I do fight with the same problems. I can migrate the customers and the categories, but the categories without pictures. Manufacturers, products and orders do not migrate. Image migration does not work at all, because the migration tool does not contain any code to supply the xref tables, which connect the images from the media table to the corresponding xref tables for categories, products and manufacturers.
So I agree to we have to be a little bit patient until VM has reached the final version.
If it is absolutely necessary to use Joomla 1.7 immediately I can reccomend Hikashop. It even contains a tool to migrate from VM.
I do not agree that CSV will bring the solution. If You have a lot of products with a lot of manufacturers and a lot of categories (my catalogue contains about 30 000 products) CSV is not the solution for that. The actual version is not even able to reimport all my products with VM 1.x.x. It can make a complete backup for the database, but it is not able to restore. So a working migration tool is essential and we need to wait for that. I do not want to criticize CSV, but it is not meant to restore a complete database.


Hi charles99
Virtuemart 2.0 still RC version
if you want to use for business website,pls use Older version.
*edit please stop advertising your page that way*
good luck
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Things are really being worked out... I've been watching the development very tight and now I have thought it was time to start upgrade some clients joomla's. j!1.5 and j!1.6 are being abandoned by development teams (from their irc and release docs). So, vm should be speeded to be fully operational in time.
my experience:
I can migrate as far as I noticed, products, users, cats have migrated from 1.1.9, but orders still no.
Images are following the migration, as far as first Syncronize the images and then do the database upgrade (good thing you leave ***_vm_*** and table migration goes to ***_virtuemart_*** because I can experiment and push data from databases into virtuemart with no need to be preoccupied by costumer changes (I just need to proceed the work in my own server)

now, this results are tested from
How much time is estimated for a full release of VM2, and of a proper RC?



Regarding when, the best thing to do to speed this up is to help. If you are experienced you could help with testing, reporting, and possibly more.

The more people that help, the quicker VM2 develops and improves.
Get answers faster:
Search forum. You might find answer[/li]
[li]Use existing threads. Keep Q + A consolidated[/li]
[li]Troubleshooting? See[/li]
[li]For admin user manual -[/li]
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