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Product types and atributes in VM2

Started by zvonac, July 31, 2011, 16:21:36 PM

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I red the post bellow on similar matter

But I did not managed to do the following by my self (in VM1 it is possible and its working well):

For the example, I have 3 products: Nail lack Semi red (sku: 0001),  Nail lack Semi blue (sku: 0002), Nail lack Semi yellow (sku: 0003) (they all have the same price)

1. I create new product: "Nail Lack Semi", and create 3 separate child products (Red, Blue, Yellow) with different SKU for every product.

2. After I created parent product and children, I create field in "Custom fields" for the example "Colour".

3. In main product "Nail Lack Semi", under tab "Parent & Child Products" I populate fields for child products.

4. But when I check changes on the live site I don't see any difference on the main product and I don't have ability (select box or something) to choose Colors ("Colour") and put selected choices to shopping cart.

I did however see there is a custom field called "Cart Variant" which has ability of selecting variants and adding different prices, but it is not in any relation with child products.

Thank you very much and if I'm missing something please respond :)


Version 2.0 is giant leap forward for VM. I like the code very much. ;D

Studio 42

Last revison has a fix for your bug.(the llink relatoin are in child/parent product.1st tab of product


Hello zvonac,

Did you ever find a solution for your problem?

Studio 42

Read my answer , it's not a joke ;)

You can try download it from trunk