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VirtueMart 1.1.4 Release Candidate

Started by aravot, May 28, 2009, 01:06:54 AM

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VirtueMart 1.1.4 RC1

Although the VirtueMart core development team has worked hard to make this Release Candidate as clean as possible, please remember that this is NOT a stable release and should not be used in production site, no update path will be provided for this Release Candidate.

Please test this Release Candidate as much as you can.

Download <link removed stable release available see main page>.

Download <link removed stable release available see main page>.

Note: Although this is version 1.1.4RC the control panel will still say 1.1.3.

Post all bugs related to the release candidate in Quality & Testing VirtueMart 1.1.x board.

When reporting bugs please follow bug reporting template

# Task #2634 - Can not register user
# corrected Serbian/Yugoslavia currency
# updated Croatian-Hrvatski language (thanks to dac3d)
# updated Spanish language (thanks to Blogapeuta)
# updated Bulgarian language (thanks to Imago)
# updated Swedish language (thanks to mauri)
# updated Traditional Chinese language (thanks to SimonSimon)
+ added Lithuanian translation (thanks to no0n3)
# BUG #1345/#1598 - Out of stock children displayed in drop down
# BUG #1348 - Functions not showing in admin
# Fixed Notice Undefined variable total in shop.basket_short.php
# Task #2590 - Attributes are not calculated
# Task #2595 - Frontend edit icon should not have a hard-coded dimension
# Task #2566 - Notify button not working
# Task #2599 - Product attributes with a '0' value are blank in orders [PATCH]
# Task #2602 - Multiple price table (tier pricing) conversion bug
# BUG #2611 - Changed _PSHOP_ADMIN to _VM_IS_BACKEND
# Fixed The Vendor Category and Vendoer Image Path fields can't be updated (Thank you Phil)
# Fixed 'Error: A value for the field "vendor_category_name" is missing' (Thank you Phil)
# Fixed TransMenu Call to a member function setQuery() on a non-object error message
# Fixed TigraTree Call to a member function query() on a non-object error message
# BUG #2592 - Fix for status code 4 (good trans but produces error in VM)
^ Changed Login ID to API ID
# BUG #2016 &euro; is displayed in info message The Value of the Coupon is greater than the current Order Total,
# suppres getimagesize warning if file does not exist
# BUG #2583 - Fixed to show shipping rate tax for all tax modes
# Unknown column 'file_is_image=0'
# Product type not adding for a single product
# Fixed typo in product.product_product_type_list.php
^ FRQ #2582  shop.browse - optimize to lower nubmer of DB queries.
# BUG #2356 Billing information will be overwritten if sento information is saved
# BUG #2573 ps_cashondel.php contains a couple of short tags
# Fixed recently viewed items when a product or category is unpublished it is still shown (thank you Phil)
# Fixed number of recently viewed products to display (thank you Phil)
# BUG #2550 - Child product price is shown wrong for users other than default group
# Task #2536 - Incomplete php tag with a duplicated table closure'
# Task #2537 - Default currency plugin not set!
# Fixed delete child product from cart when child product has apostrophe in product name.
# Fixed Kenya, Somali and Tanzania currency
# Bug - Fix problems with slimbox not init after AJAX pageload & addtocart confirmation box only working once.
^ Update CA tax rate
# BUG - 0 quantity deletes product from cart on product page and browse page. Should only happen on update or single add to cart button child list
# BUG #2410 Making a File a "downloadable product file" resets existing downloadable product files
^ Changed PayPal test account link in notify.php
+ Added Continue Shopping link when cart is empty
# Task #2536 - Incomplete php tag with a duplicated table closure'
# Task #2537 - Default curency plugin not set!
# Bug #2543
# Review message fixed.
# Bug #2539 missing in conditional expression in mod_virtuemart TigraTree
# CSV Improved not correctly detected
# Bug #2526 Open Account Maintenance in a GreyBox does not work.
# Bug #2538 Ext is undefined
# Open Checkout in Greybox (revisited)
^ Updated DTD for modules for J1.5
# Task #2532 Fixed adding multiple products to product_type
# Fixed - Fatal error: Class 'ps_order_change' not found in ps_order_change.php
^ Changed product_types to template control. Template file product_types.tpl.php added to /common
^ Changed Parameters of Category to Parameters of Product
# Fixed - Open Checkout in Greybox
# Task #1921 - Shipper notice is empty
# Task #2509 Current fix saves fields correctly but does not allow for adding new fields.
# Task #2374 - Bug in product type flypage path for Joomla 1.5 / VM 1.1.2
^ Compliance issue in classes/ps_userfield.php (
# Task #2517 - VirtueMart installation fails
# Fixed Failed to open stream error when product image is missing (
# Fixed Bug in Product Type Parameter processing (
# Task #2489 - Customer review comment length error message
# Task #2509 - Saving exisintg custom user field multiplies values - with fix
24.02.2009 soeren
# Task #2513 - Taxes ids higher than 127 cannot be used on products
# Task #2511 Extra ID's doesn't work for all products, it only works for child products. Edited logic in ps_product_attribute.php
# Task #2510 Altered ps_product.php to allow aplhanumeric chars in the child_class_suffix field
# Task #2506 - Subtotal rounding error in savebasket
# fixed the IE "Operation Aborted" error in the frontend, when "Open Product Images in a LightBox?" is enabled (which is the default)
# fixed the IE "Operation Aborted" error in Extended Layout in the backend's product form
^ Fixed comment typo in SQL file
# Task #2490 - Add to cart issues when javascript disabled
# fixed: no value assigned to $DescOrderBy
# Task #2486 - Loading Edit Store and other administrative pages under MSIE <= 7.0 results in Operation Aborted error and unable to view.
# Task #2491 - Broken links on pathway
^ Fixed Configuration table alignment in admin.show_cfg.php
^ Corrected langauge files (thank you Phil)
# Task #2486 - Loading Edit Store and other administrative pages under MSIE <= 7.0 results in Operation Aborted error and unable to view.
# in Extended Layout view, menu icons are shown twice
# Task #2496 - Standard Shipping Module saving problem in DB (fix in ps_shipping - adding a new carrier)
# Task #2473 - Untranslated language string in checkout_register_form.php
# added translation for strings in ps_shopper_group


Great news, good to see progress is being made.
Many thanks to all who worked on this  8)
currently working with -
Joomla 2.5.8
VM 2.0.18a


Thanks for the notice. Can you clarify a bit why this is a release candidate for a version 1.1.4. There have been prior notes about a new VirtueMart 1.2 with a nightly build available for developers.

As there were not RCs for the version 1.1.3, can you explain to any user what exactly makes this version 1.1.4 differ from others and requires a release candidate status before a stable release.

The second question would be, how current the roadmap is? It was recently stated that version 1.2 should be released soon, in the forums one could read about this coming version 1.1.4. Is there any way to give a current and actual status about coming releases and most importantly, the features that may be implemented besides improvements seen in the changelog provided?



It is a release candidate because we don't want to have the same issue(s) as 1.1.3 example 'Internet Operation' error.

I can't comment on unreleased or planned versions.

I suggest you try 1.1.4RC on none production site and give feedback, if no bugs are reported we will release 1.1.4 Stable in coming week(s).


Quote from: aravot on May 29, 2009, 18:43:33 PM
It is a release candidate because we don't want to have the same issue(s) as 1.1.3 example 'Internet Operation' error.

I can't comment on unreleased or planned versions.

I suggest you try 1.1.4RC on none production site and give feedback, if no bugs are reported we will release 1.1.4 Stable in coming week(s).

Okay, I understand and read about the issues that came up after 1.1.3 was released. Good idea with the RC for this version indeed, so keep up the good work and thanks again!



After having many issues (Which, I found in the BugTracker, so nothing new to report) with 1.1.3 which caused me to abandon my new project, I am happy to say that using the 1.1.4RC, none of these issues present themselves during my test.

I cant wait for this to become a stable release so that I can continue my project.

Many thanks!

Craig Gunn.



i have installed  VirtueMart 1.1.4 Release Candidate and tested at my local machine every thing is fine but at the time of Complete Order stage i got the following error

Shipping Address:   No valid database connection You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'AND state_2_code=''' at line 1 SQL=SELECT * FROM jos_vm_state WHERE country_id= AND state_2_code=''

here i logged in as admin and have no address entered in the table.

i hope development team will note this point.



Hi Aravot,

Basically i think if address is not entered then there should be blank instead of giving error mysql error.



OK fine, now tell me the releasing date of VirtueMart 1.1.4 ?


I too would like to know an approximate ETA as I am planning an International tour for a band and would like to be able to sell tickets thru a VM store, but with the issues (As I mentioned above) surrounding 1.1.3, I would hate to have to hand over ticketing to someone else because I had no idea about when we can see a stable 1.1.4.

I know the developers probably have a million other things going on in their lives, but an update would be appreicated, the R.C works fine for me and solves all the 1.1.3 issues I had.

Eric Brown

This all looks great.  I am still looking for the main request to be addressed that seems to get back-burnered...and it is very rarely even addressed and it is mostly ignored.

THAT of being able to PULL or list items from the current store items and sell them as a kit or bundle.  This would allow for better inventory control and alleviate the need to duplicate items in a kit.

When building a parent item.  We should be able to select the products we want to add to it already from the store...or ADD a new item that then becomes part of the master inventory.

Right now, if my client sells an item that is a kit.  The child items are DUPLICATE items with NEW sku numbers.  They have 150+ kits and there are items in the store that might be part of ALL the kits.  Having to duplicate them 150+ times is very much a hassle and the main factor why my clients choose NOT to use VirtueMart.

All in ALL..The store is good..I like it...but this Kit and Bundled items is HUGE and needs to be addressed!

Thanks all

So long, and thanks for all the fish!


Any news on the final release for VM 1.1.4?


Hi, can we check the progress of the VM 1.1.4rc somewhere and what is an estimated release date of the stable version?

Thank you