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VirtueMart 1.1.4 Release Candidate

Started by aravot, May 28, 2009, 01:06:54 AM

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is this project dead, i have been waiting for 4 months now, since the mention of vm1.14, i love virtuemart, i just want to know the status of development


Many users ask about 1.1.4, I know everyone is waiting for 1.1.4 instead of waiting please test 1.1.4RC and report bugs in Q&T board as suggested in the first post, if you have tested and haven't found a bug than reply to this post and mention that you tested and didn't find any bug.

By waiting and complaining nothing will be done.


If you guys provided upgrade path to 1.1.4 you would have accomplished testing much faster because a lot of people out there are willing to take a chance with their live shop and install a "release candidate" on a production site.

Also testing on a production sites is by far more valuable because it happens in real world environment.

Many other open source projects provide the upgrade path even to alpha versions of their releases and most provide upgrade path to RC versions.

Here is CivicRM as an example:


I have used 1.1.4 RC on a production environment and did not find any issues with it!

Have also modified it way too much, so cannot upgrade either..seems to be the case with all Virtuemart sites i build


Same here. All seems good except for that tax calculation in the back-end when altering confirmed orders.


Everything seems fine to me. I've been using the Virtuemart 1.1.4 RC on a production site and it's working perfectly. Hope to see this release with the full upgrade path soon.

Ventsi Genchev

Is this the latest version of 1.1.4rc - in - May 28?
I want to test the latest version.
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Christopher Wilkinson

I have tested it since the beginning of this week combined with Rockettheme's Mynxx template and didn't find any issues.

The only thing I haven't tested is an actual complete order of a product (including payment).

Christopher Wilkinson

Ok, thanks for doing this for us. Please keep us updated regularly!

Sean Goodwin

I notice a lot of people in this forum thread mention having clients who need an upgrade and also projects on hold awaiting 1.1.4. If so many of you are making money from Virtuemart; are the same amount of people actually contributing to help the development of the project? I have Virtuemart installed for 2 clients and I have contributed to both Virtuemart and to Mark MaCalf for usng one of his hacks/features.

The cost was minimal compared to buying a commercial package. So come on and play fair. Contribute if you want progress.

Yes, I think it's fair to say I liked Andy from the start.

Christopher Wilkinson

That's true. I wouldn't mind paying for this component but I'd prefer to pay for the completely reworked version as mentionned elsewhere on this site. I wouldn't mind paying for a solution like Magento but I'm very happy with my Mynxx template from Rockettheme designed specifically for Virtuemart (which I obviously bought as well), so I'm hoping that with the new update everything is stable enough to finally go live. If you want me to pay for the update, fine as long as it reasonable.

Unfortunately I have no programming skills and I don't trust a programmer reworking the virtuemart component in a way it's non-updateable afterwards and I'm stuck with that programmer forever as he knows how he reworked the code.
I have been that road before for totally different IT solutions, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.


I JUST donated to VM. One thing mentioned above is that you dont want to pay until the next version. You are DONATING to a PROJECT. By doing so, your money go towards any and all versions that are being worked on, including time being spent right now on getting the next version done.

Christopher Wilkinson

I'm saying I would pay an equal price for Virtuemart's new version as Magento.

I'll donate once I get a final release date of 1.1.4 and it is actually released on that date. You'll have to trust me on that.

PS: If money is an issue, why not sell the updates?