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@paypal page it only displays US$ plus amounts are incorrect, help please

Started by mondaiji, August 29, 2008, 17:34:04 PM

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Sorry I am really lost and need help.
I set up virtuemart on joomla 1.5 with 5 currencies (the only payment method accepted is Paypal). As long as everything is in US$ (store currency to checkout) it seems to work fine. However if a different currency is selected, the paypal payment page only displays US$ and the amounts are incorrect (e.g. the item price amount is less in US$ than in Euro, which does not make any sense...).
The store currency needs to be in Japanese Yen, but the customers should be able to display and checkout in US$, AU$, GBP pounds, Euro and in Yen.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I searched the forums and googled but could not come up with a fix yet.


Just to inform others...

I figured it out. This module ONLY displays the currency exchange on the site. It is not meant to transfer the currencies to the checkout page...

You have to change the script to do this.


I am having the same issue, could you please explain how you fixed it?
what did you change in the script?



I need an anwser here too. I have product price to be euro but no matter what I do it still displays as dollars on the front end.

Really need some help here


I need a answer why is this not being addressed. Shame on these guys.