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pay pal / credit card

Started by nekio, February 12, 2009, 15:23:02 PM

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I have paypal business account. I am using virtuemart with paypal pay method.
When a custumer selects paypal he is redirected to paypal site wher he needs to create a paypal account to pay me. I saw some sites where you are redirected to paypal and can enter credit card and you dont need to create a paypal account. Thaht feature would be perfect for me needs.
Any ideas? Help needed!


I have a PayPal Pro account and want customers to be able to just enter a credit card without evening knowing about the word PayPal.  Can't this be done?

Don't I just turn on the Credit Card payment method?

Are there instructions for setting up VM to use PayPal Pro to accept credit cards without users needing a PayPal account, going to PayPal, etc.

I would appreciate any help.



Customers do not need to create a Paypal account to pay you if you are using Paypal as a payment method.


I think because im from Slovenia i can not accept creditcards via paypal users can only pay whit existing paypal account or create a new paypal account.
Any sugestions how else can i make my site to accept credit cards (the siplest is the best).


This works just fine for me. However i have a business pro account with paypal. Maybe you just need a pro account?