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Need Help with Shipping Module Configuration for Canada and Provinces

Started by iMAAXX, March 22, 2007, 03:25:16 AM

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I live in Canada and we need to have different shipping for each Province, I have all the provinces setup in the taxes section just fine. But I cant seem to figure out how to set different shipping rates for our different provinces. Plus our Postal codes are a little different then yours USA Zip: 33179 - Canada Postal Code: M2C 1N1.

How have some of the other Canadian sites dealt with this? I have setup Shipping Module Configuration: shipvalue.php with the different rates for each value up-to $300.00 where shipping becomes free. But I cant set the shipping for each different tax rate/province can I? I see the dropdown but it seems to apply that tax to all my shipping? Is it possible to have one shipping module for each province that way we can set individual rates as required? Like in the shipvalue.php screen cap? But one of those for each different region/province?

The site is almost complete and we are to go live in less then 2 weeks from now. Everything else about this shopping cart is working well so far and we really want to use this solution over any other, plus we have invested too much time to abandon ship now.

Thanks in advance

John Goodwin

Hi Stacy
Did you get a fix for this in the end? I see you didn't get any reply on your post.... I'm wondering if you did use VM for your ecommerce? I'm looking for the same solution.
John (Hamilton)