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Latest VM 4.2.16 11030 Image Types

Started by T.A. Garrison, LLC, July 06, 2024, 01:50:17 AM

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T.A. Garrison, LLC

Using the "latest" VM update, it was nice to see that even though the VM system does not recognize webp to upload, once the image is in the site it displays properly on the front end and in the back end.

Thank you for that.

However - if you look at the product images in the detail product view, they look great...until you click on the images.
What you get in the enlarged view is...binary data.

So there was, apparently, some "late-nighters" to get webp images uploaded, but forgetting about the ability to "display" the larger images in lightbox.

If anybody has a fix for that I'd be appreciative having that.

But I'm guessing that it will need to be another version update.
T.A. Garrison, LLC
3150 Orleans St. # 28261
Bellingham, WA 98228