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Delivery address on order form - VM4

Started by thefbi, December 01, 2023, 06:51:46 AM

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I updated Virtuemart on Joomla 4 and installed VMUIKIT.

I have a small problem: before, when I printed a delivery note, the delivery address was indicated.

Now, it's just marked "Identical to billing", which poses a problem for my customer who uses the delivery note to put in the envelope with the package. But as it's no longer displayed, you can't see it in the envelope window, where you need to see the address for the letter carrier.

So my question is, how can I ensure that even if the delivery address is identical, it's still displayed on the vouchers?

I asked VMUIKT team and they say it is the default VM view used for that.

See my screenshots.

Joomla 4.4.0
Virtuemart 4.2.4 10922
PHP 8.1


nobody have an idea ? Nobody have the same problem ?