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Can not edit vendor image

Started by modernmagic, April 30, 2023, 21:00:17 PM

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I have tried to manually add the url (/images/stories/virtuemart/vendor/retaildisplayusa1.jpg) to the image but after saving it clears the field.

The image exists here:

What is the "Images" section, that has no way to browse or upload an image, used for?
And when I click <>, 2 random gifs are displayed front this path: /images/stories/virtuemart/vendor/
However, there are other images in that folder that are not selectable, like /vendor/retaildisplayusa1.jpg

If I uncheck  Image Information / File published? , upon save, it's ignored and it is checked again.

This whole page is behaving very odd.  Can someone please help me?