Error in PHP 8.1 because of clearcart=0 in the menu URL

Started by l_hendriksen, December 10, 2022, 13:10:12 PM

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Can someone help me with the clearcart=0 which is added to the URL. My provider wants all websites to go to PHP 8.1 since the websites are still on 7.4 and that clearcart is giving me a problem.

I have two websites with both Joomla 3.10.11 and VirtueMart 4.0.6 10690

The link in the first website is like this:

And the other one is like this:

They are both operating fine with PHP 7.4 but once I switch to PHP 8.1 then the first keeps operating fine while the other website (with the clearcart in the link) throws this error: Unknown named parameter $title

Does anyone know which setting in VirtueMart is causing it to be added to the link?


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Thanks. It do not see the clearcart anymore in the link. But it hasn't solved my initial problem with PHP upgrade.

Also when I add a new menu item it is again in the link.

I will have to dig deeper :-(