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Slow performance due to custom fields (1,600,000+ entries)

Started by EvanGR, November 14, 2019, 12:37:13 PM

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Quote from: jenkinhill on December 09, 2022, 14:58:10 PM
I suspect you need to move to VM4.0.10

See  - ignore the 4.0.8 in the title. It's really 4.0.10

Thank you jenkinhill, I just updated the staging site and we will run another import to see if there's any improvement in performance. I'll get back to the discussion asap.

Quote from: balai on December 10, 2022, 15:58:37 PM
Part of the issue is that it loads all the custom field values of Custom Fields For All in the product page, to be able to search and select them in the product page.
We are planning a workaround on that issue, in one of the next releases.

Regarding the Custom Filters module, i suggest enabling "asynchronous loading", so that the page is loaded without being burdened by the filters.

Thanks for the asynchronous loading tip balai, we'll be very happy to see your workaround on the issue when released.