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pls made FACEBOX PRETTY by default

Started by 2dmaster, July 29, 2019, 02:03:36 AM

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#fancybox-outer,#fancybox-content{border-radius: 6px;}
pls add this to default vm-ltr.css;


That's a matter of personal taste. I'm selling perfectly rectangular art and with that a rectangular border looks better in my opinion.  :)
However, VM will receive a new default template in the near future anyway.
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Facebox or Fancybox?
That CSS does not belong in vm-ltr- CSS files, anyone can override the Fancybox CSS in their CSS template folder using the separate Fancybox CSS file.

Replacing JS and CSS for Fancybox is a template issue. Everyone should do that according to their needs, if it is about small things like thickness of lines or a border radius.

If there is anything that should be removed, it is old Internet Explorer Filters and background shadow with images which is the first thing I do if someone uses the original Fancybox.

Just saying, it should be made technically pretty, looks are for the templaters.
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