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HTML entities in order item name

Started by sandomatyas, January 13, 2019, 07:13:37 AM

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I recently updated a VM 3.2.14 to Everything works well but in #__virtuemart_order_items.order_item_name I get html entities instead UTF-8 characters.
Like the string is 'testáéó' and the stored version is 'testáéó'
Is there a way to get back the standard characters?



It's also in VirtueMartModelProduct
$child->product_name = vRequest::vmHtmlEntities( $child->product_name);
I wonder why VM needs this?


Any ideas with this? I removed this line from 3 of my sites because some extensions couldn't handle it well.


Any thoughts?
shopFunctionsF::limitStringByWord also broken when this is active


yepp, I am on it to remove it, but I need a tester. Please contact me in skype.

The problem behind is that Admins can store raw, always, it is not filtered. The idea is now that we use the joomla filtering only.
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