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VirtueMart update 3.0.8 problem SOLVED

Started by yeyupa, April 29, 2015, 19:46:18 PM

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the answer of GJC Web Design, works exactly for me.

Yesterday I update VM from 3.0.6 to 3.08 because the extension manager shows me an update available:
Name: VirtueMart AIO
Installation Type: Update
Type: Component
VersiĆ³n: 3.0.8
Folder: No aplicable
Client: Administrador
Detalles de la URL : ... update.xml ... se-vm3-0-8

I click in update, and the page gets hang, and now i cant get acces to my administration, the site shows normal, but the administration shows only the login and after that it doesnt open anything, just a white page, i have another web that shows me the update option for the same component and same version, but i'm really afraid to do it, in these web i made (that i didnt do it in the first) click in search updates, and it appear two of VM, one "AIO" and "VirtueMart", then i think there is the problem, because in the first web (the one that give me error) it just appeared the AIO update option.
What can i do?????????????????????????????????????


I am experiencing the exact same thing after applying the latest update.  Nothing but a blank page once logged into the admin.

GJC Web Design

Honestly - we might as well just delete the whole search function from this forum.....

the answer is 4 or 5 posts under this one!!!!
GJC Web Design
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GJC Web Design, i'm sorry, you are right, the problem was that i was desperate.
I did exactly how you said in the link and works great.
Thanks again!