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Multi Vendor Virtuemart Plugin

Started by codingmall, October 27, 2014, 01:31:19 AM

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Glad to share our multi vendor Virtuemart plugin here. Hope you will like that.

Some highlights:

- Achieve great multi site, multi vendor environment with just a single installation of Joomla and Virtuemart

- You can set a different template for each vendor store (sub store) or just use the main one.

- Share Joomla Content Categories and Articles across the main site and sub stores as well as writing different content

- Separate and/or shared Virtuemart Products and Categories on Main site and sub sites (vendor stores)

- Show different modules on different child sites or share some of them to all sites

See more about Multi Store - Multi Vendor Virtuemart plugin.


I can't see any images or demo link of this product. Can you make them clear?


Thanks for your interest. It is a big product that can be setup in many ways. That's why we provide a fully functional, free trial on your own server instead of a simple demo. Just PM or email us via contact form on our site and we will provide you the trial.