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different url creations on different places for same location

Started by GuidoS, August 07, 2014, 15:39:39 PM

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First of all, I know you not prefer to use a sef component for url's but I use it because I want a specific url and there isn't a way to set this up in virtuemart.

But what i wanted to say. I have setup a menu item to a specific category, that gives me the next non-sef url; why there is a categorylayout, I don't know, maybe someone know how I can delete that.


Now, when I enter the page there will be generated a Canonical url, this function uses this non-sef url; you see, no categorylayout, but it goes to the same place.


Now the function getLimitBox use the next url; you see, there is a the categorylayout again and suddenly a language, where was it before


And at last the function getSortBy, this one also generates a different link.

Why don't you use the same non-sef link for every place? With or without categorylayout=0 and language=xx-XX