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How to ask for help with your problem? - personal version

Started by pinochico, May 08, 2020, 15:05:45 PM

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  • Write the URL of the website or e-shop where the problem occurred
    (so that the one who wants to advise you can repeat it and at the same time use other methods for detecting errors. Methods that you do not yet know exist)

  • describe your problem and write the expected result
    (what you would like to see work in the result)

  • attach pictures with a red error and a description
    (This is very important, the text never replaces the preview error, especially for people who do not speak English well - like me :)

  • write what version of applications you use (Joomla, VirtueMart, problem extension, php, mysql)

  • write down what you did last before the error occurred

  • do not be discouraged by the information about the necessary upgrade of your version. It doesn't always work.

  • if this is an error with an extension you're using, please contact the developer of that extension first
    (especially if it's paid and you have paid support available)

  • wait for someone to answer to you, do not spam, do not create duplicate threads

  • be nice and thank you for any advice (even if it doesn't solve your problem)
    (You show that you value the person in question and the effort he or she puts into you very much. This is the only way to get someone to help you next time)

  • don't expect someone to solve your problem for free and right away
    (mostly these are mistakes on commercial projects and you use this forum for free, so you don't have to hire a developer)

  • if the problem has been resolved, share the final solution with others

  • we are just wrong people and programs are our result even with all the mistakes :)

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