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Orders in double

Started by dbcig2013new, April 21, 2014, 14:23:45 PM

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Our orders  is going through twice, ie same products, shipping, etc just different order number. This is only occurring when ciustomer choose credit cart or paypal option


I have the same problem.

I figured out that the first (the right one I guess, because thats the one which will ne canceld if the costumer decide to change the payment method) order is placed after clicking on the order button - the second one will ne placed after you got forwarded to paypal or moneybookers etc.

Is there any solution for that?


Any Idea ??

It seems strange that there is no workaround to solve this disagrement !!

Thanks in advance


virtuemart 2.6.2
joomla 2.5.2


I experience the exact same thing and I cannot find the answer on this forum.
Response to issues is not always that fast which is a pity. Of course VM is work of voluenteers so no-one is to blame here.
Still this is the the reason we are now using a commercial component for the webshops we sell.

I will look further and if I find a solution I will post.



jpmdejonge. This is not true. We did two fixes for this problem already and not everyone is facing it. I counted now 4 users with this problem. We solved the problem for Robert_ITMan completly

And if you want to have a fast answer, pay for it as you do for your "commercial" component. Simple, eh?

Some people seem to have a complete wrong idea of how an opensource project works. An opensource project works so that there are customers paying developer to write a component. It is the same as a commercial extension, . VirtueMart IS a commercial extension. People make their living with developing VM and writing extensions for it.

The problem here is that there exists people who think it is normal to recieve something without having the idea to give something back. So why you had never the idea, just to pay someone to fix it and to contribute it to the project? Instead of spending 50-100 euro for a fix, you pay now for the new solution and you payed for the move.

I really dont get that. Why people are happy to pay 1000 euro for some developer to write a solution for them, but have a problem to spend 50 euro to get it solved by the people who wrote the code and to donate it to the public? Users who understand themself as customers are happy with our service
Should I fix your bug, please support the VirtueMart project and become a member
Extensions approved by the core team:


It really p##es me off when I see people like jonge posting such nonsense regarding the project.

1. If you charge for your services related to e-commerce  don't expect the base of this activity to be FREE
2. Does anyone really believe that this is not a commercial enterprise?  This project is not FREE - all of us need to support ourselves and that includes the Devs, this is not a charity.
3. If the devs cannot make money from the project, it dies in its current form, which means anyone using the component is then left with some very difficult decisions
4. Some of us give back through supporting the forums for FREE and testing new releases providing feedback where relevant.
5. Stop whining!  If you want support for your particular issue - PAY FOR IT.
6. Make sure you support the project via a, very cheap, membership deal.  But, dont expect this to give you Free development that otherwise would cost you $1000's


Joomla 4.4.5
php 8.1


If you are receiving duplicates upgrade to VM 2.6.6 - this solved my issue, see:
manage > develop > market > repeat

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