[SOLVED] Problems updating from Virtuemart 2.0.24C to 2.0.26

Started by Jazajay, December 14, 2013, 14:38:37 PM

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Joomla Version: Joomla! 2.5.16
Virtuemart Version: 2.0.24C
Server: localhost


Hi Guys and Gals.
I have just used the built in: Akeeba Live Update tool, to update from: 2.0.24C to 2.0.26.

It goes off doing it's thing then loads a page with only the following on: Invalid Token, in store config.

All my custom amendments have gone (which is fine I was expecting this); but, when  I go back into the Admin area it still says I need to update to: 2.0.26, from: 2.0.24C.

However, as my core hacks have gone I would assume I have done that by using the: Akeeba Live Update tool.

I have updated the plugins successfully and these are now on: 2.0.26.

I don't particularly want to put the corrections back in place if I need to run the update again.

So my questions are:
1) How do I know which version of Virtuemart I am running?
2) If I am still running: 2.0.24C, how to I update it to: 2.0.26?
3) If I am still running: 2.0.24C, why did the update fail?

Thank you to all in advance. I will appreciate any help. Thanks



Hi all, I have managed to solve this:
Found this thread here:

Followed the advice by the amasing: Mr Jenkin Hill, and updated using the: Joomla Install Extension from URL option, and it appears to have updated correctly to: Virtuemart: 2.0.26.