[SOLVED] Price don't auto update when adding coupon in cart

Started by alexzien, November 18, 2013, 08:42:25 AM

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I have an updating problem in the cart. When I add a coupon code the sales price don't update and the text and price for the coupon don't show at all. But when I update the page it shows up. Seems to be some sort of auto updating problem. Maybe javascript/mootools conflict? But I'm not sure.

The sales price also don't update automatically when I change quantity of the product. The products total amount do change though.

Link to a product that you can try adding to cart: http://goo.gl/NCCNXP. Click on "LÄGG I SHOPPING BAG" and then "GÅ TILL KASSAN".

Anyone who know what the problem is? Thanks.


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I use the latest version.

I solved it by adding the code that shows the total price again. The auto updating stopped working because of that I removed that from the code. I don't want the total price to show except for in my payment module. But it seems that the total price for Virtuemart must show for all functions to work properly.