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301 redirection from old site (VM 1) to new site (VM 2)

Started by romeo2die, July 11, 2013, 18:48:38 PM

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Hi guys,

I recently moved my old joomla 1.5 site (VM1) to a new domain, same server hosting, joomla 2.5 (VM2). I am just wondering if there is a way to redirect every products from my joomla 1.5 (VM1) to my new joomla 2.5 website (VM2)

My old site is better indexed at some search engine, while my new site is not really. For example, if there is someone find my old page on first page of a search engine, when they click it, they will go to my new website (for the same product)

Can you guys please offer me some suggestion, any kind of help is greatly appreciated



do you have SEF links for your old site?

I created this for my site

BUT!!! it only works fro NON-sef links to whatever new link you want.


The code only does for the same domain, it can be changed if you changed domains though


Yes, I have SEF links on both of my web, and my old web is joomla 1.5, and you said the plugin only works on non-SEF and joomla 2.5

Thanks a lot anyway, I appreciate ur help


I would carefully do this, take time and do it right

joomla 2.5 has a redirect component, have you thought about using that?


Sorry for the hijack, just a quick Q: - Does the redirect component work with VM?


Quote from: vaskern on August 06, 2013, 15:31:36 PM
Sorry for the hijack, just a quick Q: - Does the redirect component work with VM?

the redirect component will redirect ANY link that has a 404


Darn, that woulde be most useful but can't get it to work with VM (though it seems to be working with Joomla).
I have an old product-URL that VM nicely redirects to the category and says 404. But if I add it to the redirect manager nothing happens.